Showing students a different therapeutic approach


Mr. Timothy Chatman presents to students about philosophy. Chatman showed students a psychology video about therapy, trying to show them something different. Photo credit: Janel Oliver

Janel Oliver

The Philosophy club held an event exploring the stigma attached to therapy and the greatness of psychologist Carl Rodgers on Tuesday, April 12.

The event was presented by Timothy Chatman, who helps run the Philosophy Club and will be a professor in the upcoming fall semester.

Chatman allowed students to discuss their views on therapy and then showed a video of psychologist Carl Rodgers’ techniques.

The video was done in 1965, and it showed a different approach of therapy.

In the video, Rodgers pulled back layers and layers of the client so they could find out the answer for themselves.

Juan Pineda, philosophy major said, “I thought the video was helpful. I have been through therapy like that but my kind of therapy that works for me is journaling. Writing things down on a paper really helps me out to process it.”

Kayla Fonseca, administration of justice major, also chimed in and said, “I enjoyed the video because it really opened my eyes to the different styles of therapists.”

She also added, “I learned more about the therapy that works. We got to see a different view than the stereotypical view we see on television. “

Throughout the video, Chatman stopped it to discuss and allow students to talk about what they thought.

He said, “The point of the video was showing students that therapy is not about someone telling you what to do but about someone who’s trained to help you with your process of self discovery.”

Chatman also discussed what he wanted students to gain from this event.

“We wanted to expose students to psychology, philosophy, and therapy and what it can offer people because most times we get a stereotypical view based on the images in the media, which are completely inaccurate.

“I also want students to be the best students they can be and the most fulfilled in life as possible and insight and introspective really helps with that.”

He added, “We also wanted to address and reduce discomfort on talking about personal issues. I wanted to use the insights we get in philosophy to allow students to think about fundamentally deep issues.”

Philosophy Club President Joseph Hang discussed the goal of the philosophy club and the event.

He said, “We always to engage students not just in class but outside of that. Today was really beneficial because we got to talk about psychology and the applications of that which most students don’t talk about.”

The philosophy clubs holds events every Tuesday to discuss all aspects of philosophy.