High school students visit for senior preview day


Jenny Gonzalez

High school students gathered in front of the Fine Arts Building for senior preview day. Students were able to talk to different clubs that are offered to students on campus. Photo credit: Jenny Gonzalez

Jenny Gonzalez

Potential freshmen roamed the campus hoping to find a place within the community at Cerritos College.

Senior Preview Day saw approximately 970 senior high school students from multiple schools on campus.

Students from the high schools in the Cerritos College surrounding area, and students from the Los Angeles area were in attendance.

The half-day event was held on Friday and it primarily focused on gathering senior high school students and bringing them to the college to show them what the school had to offer.

This day gave students the opportunity to not only explore their future options at Cerritos College, but also showed them that being in college wasn’t only about showing up to class.

The event also focused on helping students understand how things worked in college.

Clubs were stationed around the quad, intermingled with activity booths.

More than 66 booths were set up for students that needed information.

The booths were also offered to answer any questions students had.

Among the many clubs that were set up outside was the Architecture Club.

Niza Arellano, who represented the Architecture Club, stated “It is good to open their eyes because this isn’t the only school they are applying to.

“I was surprised when [the students] were asking me questions about requirements [for this major].”

Jonathan Martinez, who represented the Circle K Club, believed that it was important for more colleges to do similar events like this.

“I think it is good and necessary for colleges to do [this] so people are more active and not just coming here to just do their classes. They are actually involved in something they are passionate in.”

Martinez felt like he was getting good feedback from students.

Karyn Martinez, a senior at Jordan High stated, “It’s really fun here because there are a lot of clubs and a lot to explore. There are different options for [them].”

She plans on pursuing a career as a veterinarian when she graduates high school.

There were also performances from the Dynamic Dance Club, MEChA Ballet Folklorico and the Music Department throughout the event.

Nece Silva, also a senior at Jordan High School stated, “I like how the clubs are interacting with people and not just sitting there.”

She found the “living statues” representing the theater booth the most intriguing.

Students were also offered Hot Dog on a Sticks as their lunch for the day.

The cosmetology department offered free manicures to students, while Dr. Frank Gaik, English professor, made instant haiku’s on his old-fashioned typewriter as a free game for students to play.

Counseling had an interactive game to play and win prizes, while the Astronomy Club presented their telescope with a solar filter to view the sun.

Martinez said, “It allows students to connect more with each other and the community.”