Students ponder semester goals during long wait

Leslie Castaneda

The beginning of a new semester is always something to look forward to, but one thing that students have to deal with are long lines either at the Student ID Center or to receive their Fall 2016 semester sticker.

Despite the lines some students understand and don’t mind.

Psychology major Alexus Guzman said, “I understand as to why the lines are so long because the line to get my ID is the only line that I’ve had to deal with this week, so far.”

Biology major Rebbeca Martinez said, she did feel as though the lines were long but that she was okay with them.

She mentioned that she was okay with them being this way because it helped her kill time during the long breaks between the four classes she will be taking throughout the semester.

Levi Flefil, Architecture major, who is taking five classes this semester said, “I don’t feel as though the line is too long. One line I did not have to wait any longer at was financial aid because I was able to use the QLess app to save time.”

She also said, “I am feeling positive about this semester and I’m looking forward to going to class because I am content about how great the professors are.”

Psychology major Jessica Garcia, who has been a student at Cerritos College for two years said, “I haven’t really had to deal with long lines, but I’m not too fond of the chaos at the parking lots. This is one reason I enjoyed the summer semester because there was not a lot of students.”

She added, “I am looking forward to all of the things I need to learn in my research methods class and doing my own research. It’s an exciting part of my education.

“Since this is my last semester, I am also looking forward to finishing my classes, being able to transfer and seeing where life is going to take me.”

Despite the hassle of long lines to begin the semester most students are excited about the prospect of starting the long awaited semester.