“Ricky Stanicky” is a dumb but funny film

The official Rick Stanicky movie poster created by Amazon Studios. Photo credit: Amazon Studios
The official Rick Stanicky movie poster created by Amazon Studios. Photo credit: Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios released their new movie “Ricky Stanicky” to their Prime Video on March 7 and it wasn’t all that bad.

No movie is perfect and Ricky Stanicky is far from it but it wasn’t all that of a terrible movie if you’re looking for a small laugh or two.

Rating it out of five stars the movie gets three and a half stars out of five.

Ricky Stanicky had the star power that probably brought over a lot of people to watch it like John Cena and Zach Efron.

The movie was based on three kids who wanted to prank a person over not giving candy on Halloween.

The prank went wrong and caught the house on fire, the kids quick thinking made up the name “Ricky Stanicky” and put it on a pair of pants that they purposefully left to blame the fire on their non-existent friend.

Since that day they continued the lie and blamed everything bad that happened on Ricky Stanicky until the lie became too much and a chain of events unfolded.

Cena killed the role of Ricky Stanicky perfectly, he put a face to Stanicky and couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for the character.

Efron proved great support to the movie, bringing in a more real tone to the movie in certain scenes that oftentimes didn’t make you feel like you were watching a comedy.

Other actors like Andrew Santino and William H. Macy provided support to the movie that helped it be the comedy it shapes out to be but it also felt like some of their scenes were unnecessary.

The movie is dumb but that’s not a knock to the film itself, rather a compliment because it makes you laugh.

While the plot felt thin and wildly orchestrated because certain parts of the film were predictable it was a decent movie to pass the time and get a little kick out of.

There were a few times when the comedic bits of the movie fell flat and didn’t quite garner a laugh.

Not filmmaker Peter Farrelly’s best work but certainly not his worst as audiences seem to like the movie far more than critics.

Moviegoers rated the film a 73% on rotten tomatoes which isn’t great but isn’t terrible.

Critics on the other hand didn’t shy away with what they thought of the movie, rating it 49% on the rotten tomatometer.

Prime Video has done a much better job of producing movies compared to Netflix with “Air” being their best-produced movie and the anticipated film “Road House” soon to come.

Ricky Stanicky is a film you can add to their cache of decent movies.

While some may laugh and like the movie others may have a straight face the entire film, in its entirety it wasn’t as bad as critics are making it out to be.

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