Interviewing Tips and Techniques Workshop

Rocio Valdez

Clara Ross-Jones, Career Services Counselor, gave tips to be successful at an interview.

She discussed the different types of interviews and the do’s and don’ts.

Jones shared the purpose for an interview is for others to access your personality, communication skills, appearance and that way decide if you would be an ideal fit for the job you’re applying for.

To be prepared for an interview one must:

  • understand the position
  • research the company
  • identify and share accomplishments
  • dress appropriately

She talked about the most popular types of interviews which are in person or phone, if it is a phone interview one must still sound enthusiastic.

When going to an interview PHONES OFF! People are watching on purpose, so be patient and smile at everyone because you do not know who will be making the decision.

There are two types of skills that are important to highlight:

1. Technical Skills: skills that pertain to the job

2. Soft Skills: personal qualities

The audience participated in a practice interview to practice being concise and saying things that are important to the position.

Ross-Jones walked around to practice what a good handshake and eye contact should be like.

At the end, there was a fun quiz to ensure the audience was aware about appropriate outfits.

“Practice, practice, practice […] you guys are all awesome and we have different skills. Yay let’s go get some jobs!” Jones concluded.

Most of the 12 students that assisted were from the Intensive English Program.

Instructor Eunice Lee said, “the students here, are international students from different countries and they are here to study English and to improve their academic English so they can study at Cerritos College or pursue a degree elsewhere.”

Rosario Monsalvo, international student, learned a lot of tips which she will practice and use in the future.

“I learned how to be more professional to get a job and what I need to do,” Monsalvo said.

Zakiya Woodson, pharmacy major, thought the workshop enhanced what she already knew.

“She made a really good point regarding the behavioral questions of having stories already in your head, not necessarily rehearsed.”

Woodson will use what she learned in her upcoming interviews.

Career Services helps students find jobs by providing job books with local community requests with contact information and hours so that students can decide which best fits their schedule.

Resume workshops and resume critiques are also provided.

Ross-Jones said, “critique is more of I have a resume but I don’t know if I like it […] maybe the format or content. Students can come and make an individual appointment with a counselor to receive feedback and make changes.”

Career Services will be having an Employer’s Panel March 7, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the Liberal Arts and a Job Fair April 6, 9:30 a.m.-1p.m. at the library sidewalk.