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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Bezos is in over his head

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has a vision of what space can do for humanity. The last Tech Talks established that space is already full of human space junk and not sure what he thinks about humans having massive free-floating space stations housing millions of people off of the earth.

Bezos’ space flight company Blue Origin, has unveiled the new blueprint to its space shuttle, Lunar Lander. Bezos believes it could help initiate space travel and make progress toward humans reaching space inhabitants.

There are many different reasons why space inhabitation will not work at least not until we clean up the mess we have made so far. If Bezos believes we can live in space, he’s is a joke because we have not even learned how to live and preserve the earth we have now.

Currently scientists have calculated there is about 10.5 millions tons of plastic waste a year and an estimated 14 billion pounds of plastic is put into our oceans yearly. Now if Bezos wants to talk about space travel and finding an alternate earth in the making, he should put that money into cleaning the planet we currently reside in.

]Secondly, The junk in our space is rapidly growing with every space launch or satellite put into orbit. The question now is when will we run out of room?

As of right now there is dozens upon dozens of junk in space and if Bezos wants to just get it out of the atmosphere he will have to get past multiple rings of space junk that could essentially destroy the shuttles that he has created.

If Bezos can first clean our planet and our space junk then and only then should he start to make plans to live in space. Until then, we need to fix what we have before it becomes what we had.

Even president Trump and his administration has told NASA that they want people to start traveling to the moon. Vice President Mike Pence has even gone as far as to challenge NASA to send the first women to the moon by 2024.

People and officials who do not working the field or have no substantial knowledge on space travel or astrophysics should not try and create alternate habitats for humanity or find a place for humanity to live without the knowledge of space itself.

Bezos’s plan will undoubtedly never work after scientists have calculated that global warming will make it unlivable on earth and therefore will not give Bezos the time to create what he has planned. If we do not change how we treat this planet we will not live to see it passed on and the world itself will end before our very eyes.

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About the Contributor
Christopher Martinez, Sports Editor
Christopher Martinez is currently the sports editor for Cerritos College’s Talon Marks. He hopes to transfer to Cal State Dominguez Hills or Cal State Long Beach and obtain his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. His dream is to also receive his master’s in journalism from USC and to work as a Sports Data Journalist for either ESPN, Bleacher Report, or Fox Sports.
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Bezos is in over his head