CSULA students in uproar when peer exposes homework sharing group chats


A Cal State LA class is taking their outrage to social media platforms after a fellow student allegedly exposed group chats that facilitated homework and answer sharing. Photo credit: unsplash.com

Daniel Suarez Jr.

Just past midnight on Thursday morning, the #CSULA hashtag is written on scores of tweets containing memes and outrage at the actions of one alleged student informant who exposed homework and test sharing chat rooms on the GroupMe app.

A screenshot of a post on the online education website, Canvas, shows the alleged student’s Feb. 9 comment claiming that sharing homework and test answers via chat rooms “is not fair for us the people who are putting in the work.”

“For people that participated in sharing answers, discussions post, and taking credit for other’s work I can not say why they thought it was okay, especially when it puts other people in a position where they do not have to work as hard,” the post reads.

The screenshot of the student’s message was rapidly shared on Twitter Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Many criticizing the original poster for alerting the course professor of the alleged cheating.