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California Recall Election Guide: Top 4 candidates going against Newsom

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder at a news conference held to recall Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon and Governor Gavin Newsom, in front of Hall of Justice on Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA. Photo credit: Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times/TNS

The California recall election is under a week away and the list of candidates vying to take the office of governor from Gavin Newsom is gigantic as voters face two questions this election.

The first question on the ballot is whether or not Gavin Newsom should be recalled from his office. The choice is between yes and no.

The second question on the ballot is who will be the choice to replace Gavin Newsom if he were to be recalled. This is the question that gets tricky.

The list of candidates ranges from life-long politicians to farmers and businessmen and businesswomen. Forty-six different choices ranging from Republicans to Democrats and even those with no political party preference.

According to an average of polls taken by RealClearPolitics, the following candidates are the top four with the best chance at replacing Newsom if the recall is successful.

Larry A. Elder (R), listed in the California voter’s guide as a businessman and author, and is a syndicated conservative radio talk show host.

Elder’s main focus is on removing what he calls “draconian” COVID-19 policies and attempting to bring “equity” back into education.

Elder says that Gavin Newsom on policies on crime, regulations on housing and the effect of that on pricing, and the fraud that took place in the Employment Development Department during COVID-19 are negatively impacting California.

His COVID plan involves removing the mask mandate and not requiring mandatory vaccinations and giving people the choice whether to be vaccinated or not.

Kevin Paffrath (D), listed in the voter’s guide as a financial educator/analyst and has a financial youtube channel, is running as a replacement for the democrats on the off chance that Gavin Newsom is removed from office.

Paffrath has a 5-point plan for the recall term, which includes helping the homeless within his first 60 days, reducing crime by community policing, a $2,000 a month funding for students of his future school program, making housing affordable, and ending bad traffic with better roads.

He plans to give N95 masks to everyone and make sure there is adequate indoor filtration in order to combat the newer variants to help increase the effectiveness of herd immunity.

John Cox (R), listed in the voter’s guide as a businessman, accountant and father, ran to be governor in the election that saw Gavin Newsom be elected in 2017.

Cox makes the economy one of his biggest priorities.

Along with the economy, Cox focuses on high taxes in the state, the cost of energy, and bringing back our economy from the lockdowns.

Cox has said that he feels that all of the requirements for state employees, healthcare workers, and teachers, including the mask mandate and mandatory vaccinations and the hysteria over a virus that will be with us indefinitely it a bit much.

Kevin L. Faulconer (R), listed in the voter’s guide as businessman and educator, and is the former mayor of San Diego.

Faulconer won election as a republican in San Diego, which has a Republican population of around 24 percent of registered voters.

He promises to stop cutting wildfire fighting funds, helping businesses especially restaurants recover from COVID-19 shutdowns and cutting taxes.

He, like his republican competitors, will end mandatory vaccines and mask mandates.

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About the Contributor
Robert Yeutter
Robert Yeutter, Staff Writer
Robert Yeutter is a Journalism and Business major at Cerritos College and has recently become News Editor and co-online editor for Talon Marks after a semester as the Opinion Editor. He plans to transfer to California State University, Fullerton in Spring 2023  and hopes to pursue his Bachelor’s. He is returning to his alma mater, Valley Christian High School (Cerritos, CA) as the public address announcer for the baseball team for what would be his 10th year.  In addition to writing, he is an avid sports fanatic, playing video games, and loves being a bird dad. Robert hopes to become an announcer for the Dodgers and get into politics.
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    Allen ForsytheSep 10, 2021 at 8:00 pm

    Good job, Robert. The biggest Recall issues to me are Lockdown, Crime, Homelessness, Cost of Living, Population Loss, Wildfires, Education , $31 Billion in COVID Relief to fraudsters and criminals and Energy & Water. Too bad, Governor Newsom refused to debate any of the replacement candidates. I look forward to reading your next article.

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California Recall Election Guide: Top 4 candidates going against Newsom