Professor Sasi, psychic palmist, shares his experience about his psychic journey. Sasi gives blessings and palmistry readings.
Jaelyn Delos Reyes

Wellness and psychic fair at Long Beach

Practical Magicka hosted the Wellness and Psychic fair from 11 a.m. through 5 p.m. to talk about spirituality and to support small businesses by selling crystals, tarot readings and more.

The fair was a free event, but some of the business owners sold their own products and gave spiritual advice.

A tarot reader, a spiritual healer and a couple more vendors had their own tents for visitors to come and check out their business.

Ciara Titus, a spiritual healer, was one of the owners that came to the fair and began working as a spiritual healer two years ago.

Before working professionally, she started her spiritual path eight years ago.

She slowly started her business by giving readings to her family and once her readings became deeper, she realized she can do readings on the public.

Titus started to do public readings and would start charging her clients.

The spiritual leader talked about having bipolar disorder and how she went to the spiritual path since she, “knew the western medicine path wasn’t working.”

“I realized that I had been repressing my gifts,” the spiritual healer said, “[I] learned how to use my intuition in a positive way, I don’t suffer from the bipolar symptoms anymore.”

Titus spoke about her experience during COVID, “I didn’t struggle as much. I could do readings over the phone and I could do bookings online and I could teach classes online.”

The spiritual healer advises anyone who is open to spirituality, “Follow your guidance. Follow your gut. Find a mentor that you could respect. Read books. Sit in quiet. Stay away from technology,” Titus advised.

Eva D’avella, owner of Practical Magicka and main host of the event, shared her goals for the psychic fair and talked about her experience with spirituality.

The owner of Practical Magicka is a Reiki, Feng shei and a crystal master.

“It’s for everybody that needs this,” D’avella said, “You may need some sound healing, you may need some crystal healing, you may need a reading just to get some clarity.”

“My goal is to bring in the people who will provide the service that your spirit needs and to have the people and the items you need to raise your vibration,” D’avella said.

The Practical Magicka is not just any crystal shop. They provide classes for spiritual learners such as feng shei, reiki, meditation and chanting in Hindu classes.

Different spiritualists came and spoke about what they do and gave spiritual advice individually to each visitor that came.

The crystal shop was filled with many beautiful tools such as crystals, incense and aroma oils.

In the back of the shop was a private sound bath session hosted by a spiritualist who used crystal singing bowls.

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