‘No way it blinks’ by Sidney Solorio


Sidney Solorio

Here’s the drawing that Sidney Solorio created called, “No way it blinks” on Feb. 21.

Sidney Solorio, Contributor

My name is Sidney Solorio and I’m an art major at Cerritos College.

I liked the thought of doing art growing up and only drew when the teachers assigned some project, but didn’t actually start until COVID hit.

I loved watching movies and cartoons that feature personified animals growing up like the “Buddies” series and “Regular Show,” it’s a common thing cartoons tend to do and I internalized that.

This image was inspired by a childhood live-action movie I once saw as a kid, A cat believed the object was real.

While the cats in my version don’t exactly believe it’s real, they do find it unsettling.

They make me smile and I hope with this drawing I was able to make a few people smile as well.