Video: Relevant Pop Culture Discussion – episode 1

JOEL: Hi, I’m Joel

JULIO: I’m Julio

LUKAS: [and] I’m Lukas.

JOEL: and this is our totally relevant…

JULIO: franchise…

LUKAS: …discussion. Bringing you the shows of yesteryear, today.

JOEL: AMC’s “The Walking Dead” just ended after it’s 11th season and it’s been going for 6 seasons too long. The show is throwing out many spinoffs and the producers and writers are milking the franchise. They have spinoffs like Fear the Walking Dead, based in LA. They have “World Beyond,” “Red City,” “Dead City” “Raccoon City,” “Lead City,” you name it, they got it.

The show has killed off many of its characters that people have loved. Glenn, Abraham, and Carl, just to name a few. Once a critically acclaim show and a show that many people loved has now fallen off and the golden age of TV is now coming to an end. Speaking of the golden age of TV, Lukas here has a great one to talk about.

JULIO: I mean it’s obvious that like, you were sitting here previously so its gonna be obvious that you were…

LUKAS: Well, let’s just go ahead and give it a shot.

LUKAS: On the topic of golden age shows… Well, “The Walking Dead” is one of the most recent golden age shows to suffer a downturn of quality and it is not the only one. Perhaps the most infamous example of this dip in quality amongst once-popular shows is none other than the infamous “Game of Thrones“, based off the popular “Song of Ice and Fire” books by one George R. R. Martin.

The series famously ran out of source material after the 5th season at which point the show had to make up it’s plot as it went along and we all discovered that David Benioff and D. B. Weiss quite frankly aren’t good at original screenplays.

While there were some interesting ideas in those later seasons, mostly ripped from the notes they were provided by Martin. Far more were the number of head-slappingly stupid decisions, original to Weiss and Benioff, including but not limited to sudden heal turns, coffee cups left on sets, and inexplicable battle motivations. While the horrible ending of the show is tragic, no doubt the far more crushing revelation is that we may never get “The Winds of Winter.”

It has been ten years since “The Dance of Dragons” and we still haven’t gotten it. What have we got? We got “Dunk and Egg“, we got “The World of Ice and Fire“, you got “Fire and Blood”. You’re probably gonna get a sequel to “Fire and Blood“, too. We don’t want anymore got damn history books, George. C’mon finish the books before you die you myopic manatee.

LUKAS: Speaking of franchises, once great franchises, one large-scale all-encompassing fan-favorite franchises that have suffered that horrible downturn in quality. There’s perhaps none greater than the one that my friend Julio has to offer to us today. What was that again Julio?

JULIO: Well Lukas you see, in the golden age of television, when you had a successful live-action show, why not make it into a cartoon? Such is the case with “Gillian’s Planet“, which is based off the series “Gillian’s Island.”

While the series previously had a cartoon of 2 seasons, now they’re on a planet. Why? Why the f*** not? After all, being on an island, that’s boring. What are they gonna do, f***ing coconut hunt, they’re gonna see a gorilla, that’s boring. Wanna know the difference between “Gillian’s Island” and “Gillian’s Planet?” It has a f***ing dinosaur.

The thing is though “Gillian’s Planet” as a show brings us back to the golden age of animation. At the time when the same 5 shows were being made over and over, the same rehash, the same everything. Hey, you like “Scooby-Doo?” Chances are Hanna-Barbera made 5 more shows that are the exact same and that’s the reason why Hanna-Barbera and Filmation, the ones who made Gillian’s Planet are no more.


LUKAS: Hi, I’m Lukas.

JULIO: Do it again.

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LUKAS: Hi, I’m Lukas.

JOEL: I’m Joel.

JULIO: and I’m Julio.

LUKAS: and this is our totally relevant…

JOEL: TV show talk.

LUKAS: Totally relevant franchise discussion, something like that. I really like the first one. [rambling]

JULIO: Bringing you the shows of yesteryear.

LUKAS: Totally relevant franchise discussion.

LUKAS: Hi, I’m Lukas.

JOEL: I’m Joel.

JULIO: I’m Julio.

LUKAS: and this is our totally relevant…

JOEL: …franchise…

JULIO: …discussion.

LUKAS: Bringing you the shows of yesteryear today! That would’ve worked better if I was in your spot.

JULIO: Wanna do it? Wanna do it again?

JULIO: Alright. here we go. 3,2,1. I’m Julio.

JOEL: I’m Joel.

LUKAS: and I’m Lukas.

JULIO: I forgot. What was it again?

LUKAS: This is our totally relevant franchise discussion.

JOEL: Want me to be in that seat? So I say totally relevant, you say franchise, and you say discussion. Hi, I’m Joel.

JULIO: I’m Julio.

LUKAS: and I’m Lukas.

JOEL: Just do it again. Is this thing still rolling?

JULIO: It should be.

JOEL: Yeah it is.

LUKAS: Thank the gods.