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Video: Falcon Foodies Episode 2: Favorite food spots off campus

Cinthia: Welcome back to another episode of Falcon Foodies.

Ivonne: I’m Yvonne and…

Cinthia: I’m Cinthia.

Ivonne: And today we’re just gonna talk about some food spots around campus instead of directly on campus. Some spots we like to hit right after class. Cinthia, you wanna go first?

Cinthia: Um, yeah, of course. So, you know, sometimes it gets boring to just eat the same food on campus. So what I’ve particularly gone to on camp, I mean near campus, on my way home there’s an in-N-Out. Now I’m not good with my streets, so I don’t know what street street it’s on, but it’s when I’m on my way home and I love In and Out. That’s one of my favorite spots right now. Like I’ve just been wanting to eat in and out at least once every week.

Cinthia: I order is a cheeseburger with no tomato, no lettuce, grilled onions, and then yes, the grilled onions, the grilled onions are super good. And then I do, um, animal style fries with chopped chilies.

Ivonne: Yes, that’s basically what I get too. But I don’t get the animal fries, I just get the chopped chilies inside the burger.

Cinthia: Oh, I’ve done that too. But since I put ’em on the, on the on, on the animal style fries, I just don’t wanna have both cuz then I get spiced

Ivonne: Up. Oh yeah, that’s true. I know how like your little touch of chili when you want it, you know? Yeah. Okay. And then we also said, so my favorite spot is Taconaso. Um, it’s probably commonly known, but it’s on Alandra. I’m not sure the other cross street, but I know it’s for sure on Alondra. I usually get Torta de asada with beans and then I add extra cheese and then with the chili toriado. Oh my God, it’s so good.

Cinthia: Oh you like Chiles Toriados?

Ivonne: Yes. It’s so good. And it’s like, it’s salty too cuz they season it. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s like, adds like a little tang, you know? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But you, have you tried taconazo?

Cinthia: I haven’t.

Ivonne: You haven’t? I

Cinthia: I’m not a big taco person.

Ivonne: Oh, that’s what? Yeah, it’s cuz they’re,

Cinthia: I’m Mexican. I’m Mexican and all, but I don’t,

Ivonne: It’s really famous for their like fish and shrimp tacos. But I don’t really like, um, fish, like fried fish. So I always just get Oh, you

Cinthia:I love fish tacos.

Ivonne: Really?

Cinthia: I’ve never tried them there.

Ivonee: Oh well I mean I never tried them there either, but I just don’t like fish tacos in general. Cause really fried fish has like a certain taste to it. I don’t know, I just,

Cinthia: Is it like the batter for you?

Ivonne: I think it is the batter because I’ve tried like fried shrimp tacos when I went to Tijuana.

Cinthia: Mm-hmm <affirmative>

Ivonne: and they were better because maybe it’s what they use over there, but also the sauce that they had on it, it

Cinthia: Was like a, honestly, in Mexico the seafood is way better.

Ivonne: Yeah,

Ivonne: For sure.

Cinthia: But I’m surprised you don’t like fried fish tacos. I just never like taco spots. That’s why I don’t go to taco places. Oh. And if I do go to a taco place, it’s always the taco trucks in down Compton. Yeah. You know like where all the taco trucks start? Yeah. That’s where I’ll go to see a taco place. There’s this taco place called, I don’t know if it’s tacos, pono or something like that where they have handmade tortillas and burritos.

Ivonne : It’s hard to find places where they make handmade

Cinthia: Tortillas. Yeah. So that’s why I really like that place. That’s really good. We’re moving forward. Another place I really like to go. Uh

Ivonne: Oh, you said jack in the box, right?

Cinthia: Oh yeah. Jack in the box. Of course it’s cheap. Something quick, something easy. That’s why I really like Jack in the box.

Ivonne: Yeah. My go-to is always a number seven, which is like, I think I’m pretty sure it’s the bacon. Um, double cheeseburger. But it’s so freaking good. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> like, oh sorry, let me like forget about my vocabularies.

Cinthia: <laugh>.

Ivonne: But um, Jack in the box. Wait, do you get the curly fries or the regular

Ivonne: Fries? The curly fries.

Cinthia: Curly Fries. Yes.

Ivonne: Low key. I’m like getting sick of the curly fries. Really? Because I always get them. So I started getting the regular fries. It was I key better. Really? Wait, but what do you get from Jack in the Box?

Cinthia: From Jack in the Box? I’ll always go for a junior bacon burger or the Jack Crispy chicken combo with curly fries. And then I’ll do a purple Hi-C I mean not purple. Hi-c a purple Powerade. And I’ll get their, I don’t know if it’s called special sauce or their house sauce. Sauce. It remind,

Ivonne: I don’t know, they have like their own little like Sauce thing.

Cinthia: Yeah. I forgot what it was called with their jack sauce. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s really good. And then the ranch of course, or buttermilk.

Ivonne: Oh yeah. Huh. They’re like buttermilk sauce.

Ivonne: Buttermilk sauce

Cinthia: <laugh>.

Ivonne: Yeah. I know Every time I would ask a ranch like are buttermilk sauce,Like

Ivonne: Okay, yes. Just, just gimme my sauce.

Cinthia: You know what I Mean

Ivonne: Yeah. You know what I mean? <laugh> and then, oh you know what you should try from jack and the wax, the chicken sandwich with the sourdough bread. It’s so good. Um, it’s literally just a chicken sandwich on

Cinthia: Sourdough bread. But is the chicken fried or is it grilled?

Ivonne: Um, no, it’s fried.

Cinthia: Oh really?

Ivonne: Okay. I don’t know. I think does chicken box give you the option between grilled and Fried?

Cinthia: I think they do have grilled ch I think they do have grilled chicken. The reason that I go for the jack, uh, spicy chicken or jack chicken sandwich is because the chicken is super crispy. And that’s why I need any chicken sandwich. I need the chicken to be crispy.

Ivonne: You know where Chick-fil-A that’s really good chicken sandwiches. I love their Chicken.

Cinthia: I want Chick-fil-A Now, bro.

Ivonne: Yeah, we’re just getting hungry. filming this. I know. I came to record without eating first

Cinthia: Falcon foodies.

Ivonne: we are starving now.

Cinthia: Yeah.

Cinthia: Literally. Um,

Ivonne: And then, oh, a nice little hole in the wall that I go to is called Samyung Restaurant. Okay. Don’t come up me for the pronunciation. But it’s a Korean family owned restaurant and it’s located, you know what I’ll add, I’ll add the, all the addresses and the description of the places that we’re talking about. But this place I always go for the black bean noodles. It’s a little bit pricey, I’m not gonna lie, but the black bean noodles and their sweet and sour pork fes combo together. And then oh, and then they do give you kimchi and the dicon, which is like the yellow pickled radish.

Ivonne: Super good. But you said you did, you haven’t tried black be noodles, right?

Cinthia:No, I haven’t. It’s really good.

Ivonne: Oh, and they give you big portions too. It’s

Cinthia: Like, how would you describe the taste?

Ivonne: It’s hard to, it’s really hard to describe. Like it’s not bitter and it’s not sweet. It’s like, oh my god. I don’t how to describe it, but it’s, oh my God, I really dunno. Like you think about the taste of beans and it’s really not like that. Oh my God. I, I’m really bad with like describing how good it Taste.

Cinthia: Have you ever had sweet beans?

Ivonne: Sweet beans? Yeah, kind of. Oh, you know, wait, are you talking about like the whole, the whole beans?

Cinthia: Yeah.

Ivonne: No, I’m like, I have tried those but it doesn’t taste like that. Oh my God. It’s, it’s, you know

Cinthia: I need try them.

Ivonne: You gotta hit that spot right now

Cinthia: I need to try them.

But um, I was gonna say a place that I really love is, well I was Have you ever tried Douglas?

Ivonne: Douglas? Oh wait, is it the Douglas right here? Because there’s another Douglas in Long Beach and that’s the Douglas I have to go To because

Cinthia: yeah, the Douglas I go to is in Long Beach. I haven’t tried that one here because I’m a little bit, uh, like i

Ivonne: iffy About it. Huh?

Cinthia: Yeah. Yeah. Because every, every restaurant is different. Especially a place like Douglas. It’s like not a, it’s not as big as like McDonald’s Jack, you know. So I just go to that one and I love their fries so much. I just yesterday

Ivonne: So good. Actually, I’m glad you just reminded me cuz I was debating. I was like what should I eat after this? You know? So good. But okay, you to the one on Long Beach Boulevard.

Cinthia: Um,Yeah. Yeah. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>.

Ivonne: I get the chili cheese fries in there with the onions and the pastrami.

So good.

Cinthia: They put pastrami on your chillie. Cheese Fries.

Ivonne: You can ask for pastrami on the chillie cheese Fries.

Cinthia: What the heck? I didn’t know that. Swear to God’s so good. I love their crispy, their fries are thick cut

Cinthia: But

Ivonne: And they have the seasoned salt too.

Cinthia: Yeah. I

Ivonne: It’s not like, it’s not like the McDonald’s fries where it’s like you’re lucky if they’re salty. Yeah

Cinthia: Yeah.

Cinthia: They season ’em really good. Yeah, that’s what I love. I love crispy fries. And then those fries are thick so it’s like you like, I don’t know how to describe it. You get full faster kind of.

Ivonne: Yeah,

Cinthia: it’s like with less frys

Ivonne: I feel like that’s what a fry should taste Like.

Cinthia: And then their burgers, the burger meat and then the burger’s like this big like pretty like pretty big. They give you a really good portion.

Ivonne: Yeah. And the lettuce tastes fresh cause it’s like chopped, you know?

Cinthia: Mm-hmm <affirmative>. It’s not like a big old piece of lettuce that like comes

Out when you bite it.

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Cinthia: Yeah. That’s why I like the um, the lettuce and the, I mean there cuz they chop it up a lot. Yeah. I’m not a lettuce, a big lettuce fan, but the lettuce there, yeah, it’s express pretty acceptable.

Ivonne: But for sure. Yeah. Honestly they have really good shakes. Like

Cinthia: I haven’t tried their

Ivonne: Shakes. You haven’t tried their shakes. They’re honestly pretty good. I always get the vanilla one just cuz when I get there to the cheese fries I like, I need something to like push it down.

Cinthia: Honestly. Shakes, honestly, I don’t understand how people can eat milkshakes or drink milkshakes and eat like meals. Like burgers.

Ivonne: Yeah. Okay. You don’t understand it cuz it’s like why? Cause it’s like a dessert or

Cinthia: Like Yeah, like I find it like you’re eating ice cream on the side of a burger and to me that doesn’t sound appetizing. I’m like, that’s too much. Like I feel like if I eat a milkshake I will only eat like a little bit of french fries and then have my milkshake and then it’s like, okay, I’m eating a milkshake.

Yeah. But if you eat a burger and some fries and then you eat a milkshake, it’s like, is that milkshake helping you wash down the food? Like,

Ivonne: okay. I don’t,

I’m glad you pointed that out because I don’t, I don’t like milkshakes and like coffees and are like, cuz I know some people they go to like, um, Thai restaurants and they get like a Thai tea with their

Cinthia: Oh Yeah. Yeah

Ivonne: But I don’t like getting like sweet stuff like that, like milky stuff because it doesn’t wash down the food. Yeah. So I get like a soda and then the milkshake because I definitely need something to wash it down cuz have

Cinthia: To feel milkshake, feel thirsty. Well you have the milkshake as like dessert.

Ivonne: Yeah.

Cinthia: Okay.

Ivonne Yeah. So like I’ll save it for like after like I’m like, oh I feel full, like I want something sweetened now and then the milkshake will be there and I’m like, hell yeah.

Cinthia: That’s understandable. I just didn’t really understand the concept. I’m like, how do you crave the


Ivonne: No, for sure though because I always, I still feel thirsty though. Like if I just have the milkshake only I’ll still feel thirsty. So I’m like, give me Dr. Pepper is my go-to. That’s my go-to soda. First and foremost

Cinthia: I love Dr Pepper Pepper. Right now I’ve honestly never thought, cuz there’s a time where I stopped drinking soda, but um, I became a big fan of Pepsi soda.

Ivonne: Yeah, no, same. Working at my New job,

Cinthia: like over Coke.

Ivonne: Yeah, for

Sure. It’s so good.

Ivonne: No, you know what my, okay, so I worked at this restaurant right now and um, the Pepsi reminds me that there’s this other, um, Chinese restaurant that I go to and the Coke is really good, but it tastes like Pepsi. Oh. So I’m like, I’m pretty sure they’re probably just doing Pepsi. Oh

Cinthia: Yeah. Instead Of Coke, you know, instead of coke just labeling it As coke.

Cinthia: Once you know your sodas, you know the different tastes. And I used to not drink, I used to not drink soda at all because at my house there is only water. But then I started getting into drinking Pepsi and then now I always have like a can of Pepsi with whatever I eat.

Ivonne: Yeah.

Cinthia: Cause I’m like, the food is heavy, you need to wash it down with something and then you drink a Pepsi and

Ivonne: Like falta la cokita

Cinthia: Yes. Literally <laugh> a cold, crisp Pepsi. Yeah. And just wash everything down and then, you know, makes you burp. So you Feel so Yeah.

Ivonne: I don’t know if it’s like the Mexican

Getting so hungry,

Ivonne: But like I always need a soda with my, like, has to be a Coke with my, my food.

Cinthia: I don’t know if every, every, um, what would you say ethnicity does that like, but in, I know Mexican culture, everybody wants to have a coke on the side of

Ivonne: Your Yeah, for sure.

Cinthia: It’s a must.

Ivonne: Definitely a Must.

Cinthia: Even though it’s very unhealthy.

Yeah. <laugh>. It’s a little, a little bit unhealthy. <laugh>.

Cinthia: No, it’s really unhealthy

Ivonne: Yeah. Honestly, I can’t. All righty. And that was our second episode of Falcon Foodies.

Cinthia: We’re gonna go ahead and stop it there. Yeah.

Ivonne: And thank you guys. See you guys on episode three. Okay. peace

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Video: Falcon Foodies Episode 2: Favorite food spots off campus