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Hear Me Out Podcast Ep. 2; Super Bowl results and NBA Trade Deadline news

Jesus Alduenda

Michael: Yo, welcome back to another episode of the Hear me out podcast where we talk about the hottest news in the sports industry and give out some of our hottest topics. We are your hosts, Michael and

Roger: A very sad Roger

Michael: speaking of being sad, we’re gonna get straight into it yesterday was a Super Bowl. And I’m gonna give my man my fellow co-host here a little five minutes to himself to discuss how he feels about Super Bowl knowing that he’s an Eagles fan, so the floor is yours, Roger?

Roger: Yeah, so uh Eagles took the L yesterday. It wasn’t on Jalen Hurts. You know Jalen hurts had like balled out, Jalen hurts had a hell of a game. Like I said, dude, our defense was nonexistent. Like I knew that was gonna happen. Andy Reid is too good of a coach; Mahomes is too good of a player; But in reality, Mahomes didn’t even have that good of a game. Had like 140 yards. Jalen Hurts. He had 300 yards.

Michael: He had four touchdowns.

Roger: Four touchdowns. This was the Eagles’ game to lose obviously, they were the favorites so but Mahomes is just he’s already cemented it’s like a top like four all time would you would you give him that already?

Michael: Honestly, in pure talent. Yeah.

I think he’s already over Rodgers cuz he got to two super bowls Rodgers only got one and by the time he’s done with his career I think he is going to be higher than [Aaron] Rodgers in passing yards so yeah I someone already said that. I think, Ryan Clark yesterday, on ESPN, said that Mahomes is already top 3 all-time.

Roger: Top 3? Mahomes is a dog, Travis Kelces is a dog; I’m just sad. I don’t even know what to say I’m just so sad that the turf sucked. Like the grass was terrible. I think that’s one of the big reasons why we didn’t get a lot of pressure.

Michael: Now I have a question. Do you think this had more to do about the Eagles? Or was it that final call? That final holding call? Do you think it was more of that or it was just the Eagles is flat-out just got outplayed in the second half?

Roger: They did, ohh man. I don’t know if they got completely outplayed, that was a lame call. There was more hand-fighting throughout the whole game and then for them to call the penalty on that. When the game was ending already, that’s scripted, bro. So it’s totally scripted just part of the script. Honestly, that’s such a lame call. You can’t win a Super Bowl like that. Not in the Super Bowl. In reality, the ball wasn’t even catchable the ball was 15 yards thrown over his head so I don’t even know why they called it

Michael: But Rihanna though? The halftime show haha.

Roger: I might have to watch it again. Just get me a little happy cuz I’m pretty sad right now honestly.

Michael: I did watch it last night again. On my own. It was pretty good. People were hating on it I was like I don’t know why you’re hating on it. It was a good show and she did it pregnant. I mean that’s something that you know I don’t know how people are hating on it. I would agree that it wasn’t as good as last year with Dr.Dre, Snoop, 50 [Cent], Kendrick Mary J and Eminem, but it was a good show. I don’t know why people were hating on it I mean that’s crazy. Y’all need to talk to my girl Riri.

Anyways, I think he’s a little too sad to talk about last night.

Roger: I need a little more time to process because I’m still starstruck. I still barely know what’s happening. Doesn’t mean for real.

I have just been avoiding Twitter, because as soon as the game ended, I just turned off the TV, I just went outside.

I don’t, I didn’t want to see it in the morning. I don’t even want to watch any debate shows or any sports center like today we have more that I just want to think about it right now man.

Michael: What’s

Roger: the trades

Michael: trade deadline?

Roger: It just happened.

Michael: Yep. Jumping straight in the NBA trade deadline at first it was dead. Nothing was happening.

And then craziness happened. I texted him that right when it happened before we’ll get into the lighter ones and we’ll get to the bigger ones and of one of the more big ones was the Lakers actually traded Russell Westbrook traded him to the Utah Jazz.

And they also and they got those they traded him to the Utah Jazz and also the Minnesota Timberwolves were involved in so it was a three-team trade. So the jazz got Russell Westbrook and the Lakers ended up getting DeAngelo Russell, Malik Beasley and Jared Vanderbilt.

Which was a steal for the Lakers, they fleeced the Timberwolves because they got DeAngelo Russell. I don’t know why they traded them but they traded him and Vanderbilt was already in his first game with the Lakers and was just balling out I mean, like Beasley was struggling but they got rid of what they thought that was a problem with Russell Westbrook and for the first game against the Warriors.

They look nice, like a brand new team and I’m glad that you know this. This team has the potential to maybe go on a playoff run, championship I don’t know. But playoff run definitely. What do you think about the Lakers and the move they made

Roger: I thought it was an A+ trade. I was so surprised that we got two other players. I wasn’t surprised about D-Lo [Deanglo Russell]. I mean I don’t know why they wanted to trade them but I mean they traded them personally, getting all that for Westbrook was pretty good. Like it was pretty good.

Michael: And they only gave an only one first-rounder.

Roger: So we got another one.

Michael: Yeah, so that’s the crazy that only given one first round. That’s why I said they fleeced because the tool didn’t. They got nothing they got Mike Conley good but the Lakers got three players, three valuable players for the team that’s that big for them.

Roger: Very big playoff run.

I mean, if the Lakers don’t at least make the play in-tournament.

They would have to play terribly.

Michael: Yes.

Roger: And that just terrible in general. you got LeBron, AD. You got D- Lo, you have a decent team around you now. I’m not going to at least make the play in. It’s crazy to think about LeBron. Never count him out though he’s the one person you don’t count out.


Michael: Well that was a little, little trade, and then later that night.

At 10 p.m 1 o clock eastern time the breaking news came in that Kevin Durant top 3 players in the league top 5 whatever you want to argue was traded to the Phoenix Suns for uh Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, Jae Crowder, four 1st rounders and the nets obviously get I mean the suns obviously get Kevin Durant and they get TJ Warren.

When I tell you my jaw literally dropped when I saw this, I was on my phone I wasn’t even on my phone, I don’t even remember, I just looked at the notification I got and seen that Kevin Durant got traded and I couldn’t believe it I was like, that’s Kevin Durant players like him aren’t in the market as much and I couldn’t believe it. So do you think this makes the suns contenders now?

Roger: Definitely, how are they not contenders with that trio, that’s …. a healthy KD, a healthy D Book, a healthy Chris Paul that’s lethal.

Michael: I think Chris Paul has become a little washed, I don’t wanna say he’s completely washed, he hasn’t been playing that good this year but I think taking the pressure off of him and letting KD do the work and Devin Booker that definitely helps him and they also have DeAndre Ayton.

Roger: Yup, the west, the west got scarier.

Michael: I think the one thing that concerns me about the Suns is that they have no depth.

They traded away three of their actually three of their best wing defenders matter a fact let’s talk about that, Mikal Bridges last year was a top 3 candidate for defensive player of the year and he was a great player for the suns and Cam Johnson was another good young player.

Jae Crowder I mean he didn’t play at all this year cause he was holding out but still he was a good defender for them and they traded those three guys away so my concern is this gonna be another, Brooklyn Nets 2.0 where they have all this firepower on offense but defensively is where it gets scary for them because like they… who are you gonna guard? Who you gonna guard? That’s the one thing and they traded away all of their depth that they did have so maybe they go explore the buy-out market try to get uh, they just signed what’s his name, Terrance Ross, I mean he’s old but I guess that’s gonna help.

I don’t know we’ll…. on paper they look good, they should be good but we’re gonna have to see, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t win the championship this year but definitely next year I could see them winning.

Roger: Yeah I don’t, I don’t think I have them winning it this year, I think, I just don’t think they’re gonna have it chemistry wise by the time we’re in the playoffs they’re still gonna be trying to figure out each other, how to play off of each other.

I think definitely next year is their window, next year they got, they’ll probably take the first seed, I could definitely seeing them going to the NBA championship, I could totally see that.

Michael: Well I mean what is this? I mean, can we think about the fact that we can get a Dallas Mavericks vs. the Phoenix Suns, possibly in the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs?

That’s gonna be crazy, Kyrie and Luka vs. Devin Booker and Kevin Durant, no defense is gonna be played so I mean both of these duos are gonna be averaging a total of 60 combined so that will be, that’s gonna be something fun to watch if it does, I’m sure it’s going to happen. Because the Mavs and Suns are slowly becoming into a rivalry now based on what happened last year, Luka and Devin Booker going back, going at it with each other so that’s gonna be interesting.

So speaking of uh Kyrie the Dallas Mavericks actually played their first game with Luka and Kyrie they looked good together but they ended up losing to the Kings in overtime. I don’t think there’s too much to be concerned about cause obviously it’s just one game but that’s something I guess we could still look at.

Roger: Yeah I saw that and I was like “hmmm interesting” I definitely think that it’s a chemistry thing too you can’t just throw a guy in and expect them to be perfect in the beginning, you just gotta give it a little time, I think, I think by playoffs there just, there just too good of players to not know or to not learn how to play with each other and especially that both of them are really iso, they play a lot of iso ball so that’s the difference in this rather than a Kevin Durant, their offense is probably gonna be a little, a little more uh probably going through Chris Paul as the distributor cause you know one of the best passer’s ever, Chris Paul he’s a dog.

Michael: Yeah, what do you think of Kevin Durant? He’s already been heavily criticized for going to a super team like like the Warriors back in 2017 when he went to go play for them. Do you think that if he wins one, do you think people are still gonna like call this one, like say this ring doesn’t count do you think this narrative is gonna be around his name?

Roger: Definitely, there’s no way, he did another Golden State when he went to the Warriors, he’s just going to a team that’s been to a championship recently the team is already pretty much great its already built it was possibly a contender before he was on there and now that he’s on there it shoots them up to that…favorite contender so I think yeah, I don’t know.

Michael: Yeah it’s unfortunate for Kevin Durant because he’s a great player, he’s arguably the top 10 talent of all time, in my opinion, I think he’s a top 10 talent in terms of pure basketball skills he’s one of the greatest players I’ve seen play basketball and the fact that he has this narrative around him that he can’t win without a super team around him that sucks because he’s talented enough to lead a team but we haven’t really seen him lead a team on his own but I hope that maybe one day he does.

He had a chance with Brooklyn it didn’t work out obviously James Harden and Kyrie and injuries got the best of them and now he’s going to Phoenix and has a chance to win a championship he’s raining on LeBrons parade again once the lakers make a good trade Kevin Durant says, “Nah hold on let me come over here real quick and just ruin everything for the lakers and also speaking of the west Ja Morants take is looking horrible every single day now what he says, “I’m fine in the west.”

Roger: Yeah I’m fine in the west, when he was talking about Boston.

Michael: Yeah you sure? I don’t know if you are fine with the west now, Kyrie came in, Kevin Durant came in, the lakers got better, let me just say this Ja Morant doesn’t wanna see the lakers in the first round.

Roger: He doesn’t wanna see any of those teams in the first round.

Michael: No he does not cause and also I just heard that they offered the uh the umm the grizzlies they offered four first-rounders for Kevin Durant.

Roger: Dude four first-rounders I saw that, that’s crazy.

Michael: They uh I think uh the uh suns had a better package obviously.

I’m a get on one more thing because I am a Raiders fan, I just saw recently that umm Derek Carr is not going to waive his no-trade clause and he’s gonna go into free agency and uh me personally I think it’s a good move for him to choose where he goes not only that why would he want, why should he want to help the Raiders, why?

They did him completely dirty uh and now the Raiders are stuck in a hole because Aaron Rodgers, that window on trying getting him doesn’t look too good, umm CJ Stroud who I want but you have to trade up to get him because I don’t think he’s gonna land at number six or seven and Tom Brady is retired and you’re telling me your gonna want to get a guy like Jimmy Garapolo, with all the talent they have on offense, with Josh Jacobs, Davante, Darren Waller like no.

They’re stuck and it sucks for them I’m a Raiders fan so it sucks for me but good thing for Derek Carr I hope he does go to the Saints just so the Raiders don’t get anything for that would be so funny.

But yeah that’s all we have for this episode umm we’re gonna come back at you guys next week umm hopefully more news comes and starting next week we’re gonna try to get more of the hot takes we have because that’s kinda what the show is dedicated about so we’re definitely gonna start doing that next week but that’s all we have for this episode anything you have to say?

Roger: Um just hope you guys liked it you know baseball is coming up too so we’re gonna have some baseball coverage, definitely gonna have some hot takes and there are only 24 games left in the NBA starting to come down to the important games so uh pretty excited to talk about that

Michael: Yeah well that’s it for this episode hope you guys enjoyed and uh we’ll be back next week thank you.

Roger: See you.

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Hear Me Out Podcast Ep. 2; Super Bowl results and NBA Trade Deadline news