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Hear Me Out Podcast: LeBron passes Kareem, Super Bowl Predictions and NBA Trade deadline news

Samuel Chacko
Here’s the two hosts from the podcast “Hear Me Out.” (Left to Right) Roger Estrada III and Michael Delgado.

Michael: Yo, welcome to the very first episode on the Hear Me Out Podcast. We are your host, Michael and

Roger: Roger

Michael: This podcast we’ll be talking about some of the hottest, hottest news in the sports industry. Not only that, some of our hottest takes we have ourselves jump right into it.

Roger: Let’s get right into it. LeBron just passed Kareem as the all-time scoring leader.

Michael: Yeah, that was that was a great moment to see.

Roger: That was crazy, bro. He got it with the fade away I thought he was gonna dunk it, but he did a little fade away which is which was so clean.

Michael: Especially seeing like all those people with the cameras out like I saw the picture like when needed to fade away. And there are just so many people that are recording like everybody’s into wait for this moment to happen like it was all season. Every single Laker game that’s the only thing they’ve been talking about LeBron passing Kareem to see that finally here.

Roger: It’s great. Just to think about it, bro it’s crazy. Well, we’ll never do I personally I think we’ll never see another player do that. Especially like a player right now currently in the NBA, there’s no way.

Michael: No, I agree with you. I don’t think there’s going to be another player that can get to LeBrons record but because by the time you’ve done, he’s probably gonna get to like 40,000 42,000, who knows how much he’s gonna get?

Michael: So my question to you like what do you think that does? Like for LeBron James’ legacy really? We know, he’s one of the greatest but like, what did this accolade mean? You know, he has so many so what do you think?

Roger: Honestly, I think anybody who had like doubt that LeBron was the G.O.A.T like, it cemented like, he’s got to be the goat. Like you know, he just he’s not like he doesn’t have the best freakin all the chips like MJ has, but, dude, he has everything like everything else, like everything you want in a player. Like, that’s LeBron.

Michael: Yeah, I agree. LeBron James embodies what a perfect basketball player is. He can, in his prime he was able to play defense I know he’s gotten a little a little lazy on defense lately, but he’s getting older. So of course, that’s gonna happen but he can pass the ball good as anybody.

He can score the ball and good at anybody. And he can rebound. Um, he’s a perfect player, I think and, you know, it’s crazy to think that. At 18 years old, he had all the expectations of the world like if he was not a Hall of Fame player, first ballot Hall of Fame player, he would be known as the bust to see that he exceeded everybody’s expectations. I mean, dude about that an 18-year-old kid from high school would have been able to be known as not one of but the greatest player of all time. And I think that’s like amazing to see.

Roger: Yeah, James. LeBron is just another like it man like our kids do there. They’re not even they’re not going to know what LeBron is like. It’s crazy like you think about it. I’m 20 like he’s been in the league my whole life like there’s never been a year in my life where he’s not been in the league. Yeah, just that’s just wild like any he’s still balling out like you can you can even say could look at the staff and you can see like, this is one of LeBrons like, best years like in his career, and he’s what 38 Like 20 Season 20th year in the league like it’s unheard of.

Michael: Yeah, but other than, you know, LeBron breaking the record. I mean, do you think he’s had enough to win a championship now with the Lakers Do you think when will the Lakers

Roger: Not now bro, there’s no way right now, dude. Like he’s got AD but like he’s injury prone like, and then the rest of the team is like, like, what does he like LeBron? Is He’s a great player? But he’s not like the 2018 LeBron where he could carry the Cavs all the way to the championship like that’s, that’s not how it works anymore.

Michael: Like, I think that the Lakers, I don’t think they can win a championship, but they definitely could make some noise in the playoffs because right now the Western Conference is wide open. I mean, there’s not one team that dominated I mean, you can say the nuggets but other than the nuggets.

If the lakers meet the Grizzlies in the first round, I think there’s a great chance they could beat the Grizzlies and even the Nuggets. I think the Lakers if they went into the first round against the nuggets, I think they would have a great chance of beating the Nuggets do I think they can I mean, they will maybe, but they can give them a good fight. But I just want to say no, I don’t think they could go into a championship.

Roger: Not a title but you know, definitely agree with you that was making noise in the playoffs. I mean, LeBron and ad if they’re both healthy and on the court, like I mean, I put my money on them all day, but the best duo in the basketball championship.

Roger: Nah, you know, you know why LeBron was wearing a headband yesterday, though, right?

Michael: Why was he wearing it?

Michael: Because that’s like when he was at his best or no?

Roger: No, he was wearing it because he’s bald. Bro, like he needs to just shave it. He would dude he literally the only reason why he wore it was because people were going to be taking pictures of them. It was going to be a historic moment. They’re going to be, those pictures were going to be cemented in history. And he did not want to like his messed up hairline of view, like cemented in history like that. That’s why I think you’re picking up some stuff like that.

Michael: I couldn’t help but look at Kareem’s face every time or LeBron was scoring. I don’t know because he’s an old man but I thought it was hilarious. Like every time I looked at Kareem’s face that they showed like, every time LeBron they showed Kareem and he just looked like he was just like he was just so like. It was like no in his head. He was like

Roger: I thought they had a little beef and then a little bit earlier.

Michael: Yeah. In the year.

Michael: Yeah, interesting moment probably for him. Yeah. So now that we’re done talking about LeBron, let’s go on. Talk about the big game on Sunday. I know you’re an Eagles fan. This is a big game for you guys. Let’s talk about the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Roger: Okay, what do you got?

Michael: Me personally, I think that the Eagles are a better team.

Michael: I mean, other than the quarterback, everything else they are better at and I think this is going to come down to who has the better defense and I think the Eagles front four on the defensive line is unstoppable. They have a great secondary and also the compliment they have a great offense that can keep up with Kansas City in scoring so I think imma go with the eagles. I don’t want to count out Patrick Mahomes because I know hes one of the already one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to touch a football right now I think I’m confident that the Eagles are gonna take it.

Roger: You know, I’m an Eagles fan. But the way I talk about my team, you would never think I’m an Eagles fan. Because like my whole life dude.

Roger: Just disappointed me every season man and even that one year that we won a Super Bowl like we won it the most like eagle way like the most like our backup we had like all backups in like backup all of our team was basically backups like that was like the weirdest like Fluke year ever. And honestly me seeing the Eagles like in the Superbowl like that’s like crazy. Like I would never I would have never thought that was gonna happen again. But honestly, bro.

Roger: Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce they have just like an unreal connection.

Roger: They like they just know how to get to each other and I know you mentioned that front four that front Seven. I think honestly like Andy Reid’s one of the greatest head coaches of all time, he’s gonna get the ball out of Mahomes hand quick like, he’s basically gonna make that front four like, not like it’s not even there. Like it’s not even an issue.

Roger: But, I mean, Chiefs, it’s gonna be I think it’ll be a high-scoring game. I think Eagles could obviously put the ball in the endzone. And I mean, Patrick Mahomes will obviously do that by himself. Like, he doesn’t need a crazy team to just be great. And I think honestly the ankle like, I don’t even think it’s going to be an issue anymore. Maybe just a little bit but like, the way he was playing in the AFC championship, and he’s still got two weeks off. Like I think I think he’ll be back to pretty much like maybe 70%-80% and for mahomes That’s, that’s perfect.

Michael: So yeah, well Mahomes I have to be one to say. When Tyreke Hill was traded in the offseason, I was one of the people that I was saying, well, the chiefs aren’t going to be that good. I thought that he was one of the biggest pieces of the offense. Obviously he was but we forgot who we were dealing with. That’s Patrick Mahomes. He’s the best quarterback in football. All the people that were claiming that, you know, Joe burrow was better than him.

Josh Allen was better than him. I guarantee you, Patrick Mahomes heard everything that came in from the offseason and he took all of that anger that he had toward the people and all that doubt and he put it on the football field because he had, what 5000 yards I think he broke a record. He has 50 touchdowns. I mean, and now he’s in the Superbowl once again. I mean, I can I can, you know, do nothing but respect and I’m a raider fan, you know, so he’s in our he’s killing us and every single years in our division hurts me to say but you know why?

I just think every single day and man he could have been a bear and I could have avoided all of these. If you didn’t go to the bears. He went to Kansas City, unfortunately, but honestly, this could be a close game, but if it’s not a close game. I could really see it as being another Kansas City versus Tampa Bay in 2021. Because the defensive front four of Tampa Bay was too much for for the Kansas City. He was running every single play every single play. He was getting pressure. I mean, he was throwing some amazing passes his receivers were dropping them but I I’m not saying it will happen but I definitely could see that.

Michael: That happening once again to the Kansas City but it is all up to me it’s Patrick long so I don’t really ever know what he’s gonna do. Yeah.

Roger: And un,I think just the one of the biggest keys to winning the game for the Eagles is controlling the time of possession like the Eagles are great running football team. I think we’re gonna run a lot and I even think if we could get like that behind in the game, I think we’ll still run. Just because how dominant that o line is, and how good just all of our running backs not just Miles Sanders, like all of our running backs are really good. They come up big all the time.

Roger: And if we can, the best way to defend Mahomes is to keep the ball out of his hands. So if he’s not on the field, that’s exactly where I want him I do not want him on and on the field. But dang man I really want, I really want Travis Kelce to not win, I want his brother, I want his brother to have that little that like that little edge on him, that one up.

Roger: Yeah dude if you think about it Travis Kelce he’s gonna be, this is not the last Super Bowl there gonna go to this is not the Chief’s last Super Bowl there gonna go to Mahomes…it’s so crazy how good Mahomes is like in five seasons starting he has 5 AFC home championship games like that’s crazy in itself like this is his third Super Bowl already and he’s only started five seasons like that’s complete dominance and I don’t think it’s gonna stop anytime, anytime soon.

Michael: Yeah it hurts me to say as a Raiders fan I don’t think he’s gonna slow down anytime soon but yeah the big game is on sunday I’m excited to watch it also I’m excited for the Super Bowl performance with Rih Rih I’m really excited for that but let’s talk about one more thing let’s talk about the NBA trade deadline.

Michael: Do you think that the Lakers should make a move? Or do you think they should just stick with it and see how it goes?

Roger: Honestly man…. I mean there are reports that the lakers are almost in like a little three team trade with Minnesota and who else? The Jazz, the jazz yeah, man I think that’s pointless I think were just gonna give up like more first round picks that we need or like that we could trade for better maybe in the off-season cause I mean, Russ he’s not playing bad man off the bench he’s playing really good like.

Michael: Then he has his days where he’s like super inconsistent where he just like goes 2-16 or 3-16 but then again he has games where he’s really good.

Roger: Yeah and I just think, I just think that a lot of Russ problem is mentally too like all season like even till last season like literally like people were chanting like “trade russ” and like that just messes with you psychology like LeBron in a meeting like sad that we didn’t trade for Kyrie like and Russ is like “yo I’m good like I’m a former MVP like I’m not the best anymore” but like I think he can still contribute especially off the bench.

Michael: Speaking of Kyrie Yeah so do you think he’s gonna resign with Dallas or do you think he’s gonna go somewhere else?

Because right now I think I don’t think right now I don’t think it’s gonna look too good for Dallas because I hope Luka and Kyrie work but knowing Kyrie and the history he has leaving his team I think there’s a great chance he could end up with LA next year the lakers next year not only that, that’s why I say we just keep Russ and let him go in free agency and all that cap space we’re gonna have we could just give it to Kyrie if we want to so I think that’s something the lakers should really look into.

Roger: Yeah well back to the Kyrie like in Dallas I don’t think man I love Luka and I do hope it works but that’s just two ball dominant players I don’t know how that’s gonna, especially Kyrie dude he crys everywhere because he doesn’t get the ball like he doesn’t get to handle the ball as much and then he goes with Luka most dominant ball handling player in the league like I don’t think that’s a good recipe for Kyrie especially how like controversial or like how like randomly he wants to move because he feels some way like I don’t think it’s gonna work out.

Michael: I mean yeah but look how it ended up with Brooklyn, they had three guys Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving and the reason why James Harden wanted to leave was because of Kyrie Irving it wasn’t because of anybody else it was cause of Kyrie Irving and just two players like that I mean it worked for a little bit like we saw Kyrie and James Harden go at it that year when Kevin Durant was hurt and they went on like a great 20 stretch, 20 game stretch where they were just dominating so that right there shows me there’s a chance that Luka and Kyrie Irving could work because to me people say that Luka is like LeBron but I think he’s a little more like James Harden you know like the way he the way he scores on offense but not only that but he’s a great passer just like James Harden so I think it could work but I wouldn’t be too sold on it, it’s like a 50/50 there’s a great chance it could work but also a great chance it won’t.

Roger: Yeah and then its on offensive league everyone talks about offense and offense but you gotta think Luka and Kyrie their not like big defensive players but like their two liabilities on defense so its either pretty much like their gonna outscore them or you know take the L but I don’t know man.

Michael: And Dallas gave up their best wing defender Finney-Smith so that could help Brooklyn more than anything cause Brooklyn I mean they got better defensively like I think their top ten now so I don’t think Brooklyn gonna go on a great run either because it’s Kevin Durant and everybody else but Dallas losing their best defender, wing defender is definitely gonna hurt them and obviously like you said Luka is a liability on defense and also Kyrie is a liability on defense so I wonder what their gonna do.

Roger: Coming back with another podcast on Wednesday every Wednesday podcast come out.

Michael: yeah so that’s gonna wrap it up for the first podcast like I said like we said weekly hopefully every Wednesday or not hopefully but we’ll try to do every Wednesday and yeah that’s it thank you guys for listening, thank you hope you enjoyed it.

Roger: bye.

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Hear Me Out Podcast: LeBron passes Kareem, Super Bowl Predictions and NBA Trade deadline news