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Let’s Chismear Episode one: Nepotism babies

Diana Morales
Hollywood nepotism babies set trends or get lost behind bigger celebrities.

Sophia: Hi my name is Sophia

Diana: Hi I’m Diana, and welcome to Let’s Chismear

Sophia: Yeah

Diana: We decided to do a little segment on our podcast cuz we had a lot of fun with the first one.


Diana: Even though we get shy

Sophia: So we decided to do more episodes on anything really, we just want to chat

Diana: We just want to Chismear

Sophia: yes

Diana: So topic for today, do you want to tell them?

Sophia: We’re going to be talking about nepotism babies, we all love nepotism babies.

Diana: Period, If you don’t know what a nepotism baby is google defines it as the practice among those with the power to influence favoring relatives or associates. Especially by giving them a job, damn I stuttered so much


Sophia: Um so we’re just gonna say what our favorite nepotism babies are and which ones we don’t really like, okay I’ll start with one of my favorite ones. My favorite nepo baby is Bella Hadid.

Diana: Oh period

Sophia: Ms.Hadid

Diana: Hi I’m Bella Hadid

Sophia: I am Bella Hadid

Diana: period


Sophia: She’s my favorite cuz she’s just a fashion icon

Both: She is

Diana: she’s so pretty

Sophia: she is

Diana: she’s so powerful

Sophia: like anything she does people are going to copy

Diana: Yeah she’s very

Sophia: like the whole, influential

Diana: yeah


Sophia: like the no pants trend right now have you seen it where you just wear tights and you just don’t wear pants, I think that’s so cute and everybody’s gonna do it

Diana: She’s very powerful; like the way she just has such a strong face and like her eyes are so powerful

Sophia: I mean even if she’s obviously gotten work done


Diana: you said let’s keep this real

Sophia: But she’s just so you know

Diana: yeah she owns it though I think that’s why, oh see we called it

Sophia: That was scary


Diana: We put the curtain up and it fell right now

Sophia: We weren’t even recording Diana

Diana: We didn’t even record wtf, It’s okay, Isn’t it crazy how Bella Hadid gets a lot of hype versus gigi.

Sophia: yeah

Diana: And they’re on the same boat they’re both models, I think because she hasn’t done anything lately cuz she’s a mom now

Sophia: I mean she still models but even when they were younger first it was all about gigi but recently now its

Diana: all about Bella, dude didn’t her mom tell her to go eat an almond

Sophia: Dude I do not like her mom, her mom is Yolanda hadid she came out in real housewives and shes a former model

Diana: Canceled

Sophia: and her dad does real estate

Diana: whos a nepo baby you don’t like

Sophia: that I don’t like


Sophia: I got Hailey Bieber

Diana: she’s on my list too, but I don’t dislike her or hate her it just think she’s

Both: Boring


Diana: Yeah she’s really boring

Sophia: She could do so much more

Diana: She’s really pretty but I don’t know

Sophia: I just wish she did more, she just stopped modeling

Diana: When you hear Hailey Bieber what do you think of, I think of a lot of things

Sophia: I think of nothing

Diana: you know what’s sad I think of Justin Bieber leaving her behind when paparazzi are around

Sophia: aw omg that’s so sad

Diana: it is sad

Sophia: Oh no wait you know what I think of when she went to the Met Gala with Shawn Mendez.

Diana: Oh she slayed there, I kind of shipped her with Shawn

Sophia: Me too, okay what’s one of your favorites?

Diana: One of my favorite nepo babies is Elizabeth Olsen. I think she’s so powerful I forget she’s related to the Olsen twins like that’s really the third sister


Sophia: I don’t really know much about her

Diana: Um she’s wanda from marvel

Sophia: Ohhh no way! She’s related to the Olsen twins

Diana: Yeah

Sophia: I did not know

Diana: See that’s a good nepo baby is, they’re able to separate themselves from the family name and make it their own I think that’s very powerful.

Sophia: damn I did not know that

Diana: mhm and she looks like them too If you pay attention, you’re like oh yeah they are related


Sophia: Wait, is she older or younger than them?

Diana: I think she’s the youngest

Sophia: wow

Diana: she’s so pretty too, I think everyones pretty

Sophia: Omg you put Lily Rose too

Diana: yeah she’s on my list, I think lily rose depp is so beautiful, she is so freaking pretty like

Sophia: She’s so beautiful

Diana: but she needs to get a grip and admit that she is a nepo baby

Sophia: yeah like what is up with her she needs to

Diana: There is a quote I got from her, if you want to go to my notes

Sophia: oh yes

Diana: She told Elle magazine that she doesn’t think she’s a nepo baby because “It’s weird to me to reduce somebody by the idea that they are only there because it’s a generational thing” but the thing is it is a generational thing her dad is literally Johnny Depp. And she is a 5’3 woman that models for I forgot what show

Sophia: Channel

Sophia: Like they would never let me model for them, they would not


Diana: Yeah I’m 5’3 and they would laugh in my face, like get out of here

Sophia: maybe I’m a little jealous but I still

Diana: oh I am jealous I think if I was a nepo baby I would milk the fuck out of it

Sophia: oh my god yes

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Diana: I will milk the most especially cuz idk you feel like some nepo babies just don’t want to be babies and that’s why they are boring

Sophia: I’m pretty sure, like oh you know who, Barrack Obama’s daughters

Diana: They so slay I want to smoke with them

Sophia: they so slay they really are they’re just living college life

Diana: For real, they’re living their best life and as they fucking should do you think they get like harrassed

Sophia: I think people just treat them like I mean they are normal people but they just treat them like they’re not

Diana: famous, you know in ICarly


Diana: Miranda Cosgrove, doesn’t she go to USC or something. I forgot what college she went to, I do think people would be like omg look it’s Icarly like I just said right now


Sophia: And she lives in Downey

Diana: yeah she’s a Downey girl, she’s like my neighbor


Sophia: that’s funny

Diana: I think they closed it down but there was a menchees in Downey and there was a picture of her with the cashier or something

Sophia: that’s funny, I’ve seen so many people say I’m going to go trick or treating in Downey


Diana: to see Miranda Cosgrove, who else is a nepo baby, Baby Keem he’s related to Kendrick Lamar

Sophia: that’s crazy

Diana: like oh my cousin is Kendrick, my cousin is Baby Keem

Sophia: you know who’s going to grow up and be a really cool nepo baby, Stormi

Diana: yeah, same with north I love her fucking TikTok’s I always forget that her comments are off I want to read them so bad

Sophia: And Penelope she’s going to be a model cuz she’s such a girly girl, her TikTok’s compared to north are so different have you seen them

Diana: Actually I don’t get Penelope’s TikTok’s I get norths, she’s fucking hilarious

Sophia: yeah north is wild, and Penelope does little tutorials, they’re very different

Diana: I’m glad that they play like little kids, cuz that was me as a child just that they have a phone to record it

Sophia: It’s good that they don’t have the comments on

Diana: yeah that’d be weird, did you see Kim Kardashian dancing to em 2


Diana: I wonder what north told her

Sophia: she made her do that

Diana: that was funny that was hilarious, okay who else is a nepo baby

Sophia: Matty Healy

Diana: Kkay I didn’t know Matty Healy was a nepo baby

Sophia: Matty Healy from 1975 his parents are Tim Healy and Denise they are both actors

Diana: Really what did they come out in, honestly there are a lot of nepo babies that I didn’t know were nepo babies, If you were a nepo baby what field would you pick


Sophia: I’d be an actress, I think I’d be such a good actress dude

Diana: Do it, I think I would be a model since I was little I wanted to be a model, I love the model aesthetic

Diana: Thank you for listening to the Let’s Chimsear podcast

Sophia: Make sure to follow Talon Marks on Spotify, Instagram and TikTok

Diana: Thank you

Sophia: bye-bye

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Diana Morales, Arts & Entertainment Editor
Diana Morales plans on transferring to a cal state in the near future to gain more experience. Her goal as a journalist is to work for a fashion magazine company and then eventually create her own. She also aspires on working on the radio or as a social media manager.
Sophia Castillo, Opinion Editor
Sophia Castillo is the Opinion editor for Talon Marks. Sophia also enjoys thrifting and attending concerts. She hopes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach in the fall and hopes to work for Vogue Magazine.
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Let’s Chismear Episode one: Nepotism babies