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Hear Me Out Podcast Ep. 3; LeBron James injury, Damian Lillard 71-point game and MLB Spring training

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 25: LeBron James #6 of the Los Angeles Lakers dunks against the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center on January 25, 2022 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.
Michelle Farsi/Getty Images
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 25: LeBron James #6 of the Los Angeles Lakers dunks against the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center on January 25, 2022 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.

Michael: Yo! Welcome back to another episode of the Hear Me Out podcast we are your host Michael and

Roger: Roger

Michael: Uh, on this podcast we share some of our hottest takes, and the biggest news in the sports industry and uh to start of we’ll talk about the Lakers 27 point comeback win against the Mavericks yesterday

Roger: Yes, that was a wild game to watch, I don’t know if you watched it live but I definitely watched it live it was a wild game, haven’t came back in a game like that since 2002

Michael: There was also this stat that says teams that have been down by 27 or more in a game were 138-0 until yesterday the lakers broke that record.

Roger: Yes the season thats… I mean thats what you need from the lakers right now, every game is a must win game and I think this game was huge for them I think this can be there… there…what kind of uh… not elevates them but kinda pushes them to start making that huge push before the playoffs, and I think if they get into the rhythm right before the playoffs which they need to do they are extremely dangerous coming into the playoffs.

Michael: Yeah speaking of that win can we give a huge shout out to Jarred Vanderbilt oh my goodness I mean this guy had Luka Doncic in a prison, he was like probably the main reason why the lakers came back because of the energy he brings in defensively, he had 17 points and 15 boards I mean this guy was out there ballin and AD played like Anthony Davis, 30 and 15, LeBron did have 26 but he did look like he got hurt in the middle of the game cause he went up for a layup and went down and said “it popped, I heard it pop”, talking about his foot

Roger: Yeah dude thats tough I mean first D’Angelo he got a little ankle and now it’s LeBron with an ankle I mean LeBron said this before the All-Star break ended he said that health was the one of the biggest keys to coming back this season to making a playoff push and I don’t know man two big players on our team gets injured like that I mean Bron is gonna be out a couple games right?

Michael: They haven’t said if he’s gonna be out yet they haven’t said anything

Roger: Ah, I think he’s gonna be out a couple games, I mean we play tomorrow on Tuesday.

Michael: Well I mean he’s been dealing with this foot injury for the past couple, for like the past for like the past month and uh its been bothering him but he’s been playing pretty solid but since the All-Star break he’s been struggling just a little bit but obviously he’s tryna get his groove back and get a rhythm but uh yeah he did injure himself but after the game if you looked at uh they had this clip of him walking out the arena he was limping on his foot but we’ll see tho I don’t know.

Roger: Yeah he defi- he said uh I heard a pop and thats never a good sign but you know if anybody is gonna play through an injury like that a little knick knack its gonna be LeBron he’s Iron man so were just gonna have to see were just gonna have to find out

Michael: Yeah and other news in the NBA, Damian Lillard dropped 71 points yesterday, this guy is such a great played on such a uh poverty team they’re not poverty you just know their not gonna win a championship but shout out to Dame he dropped 71 yesterday

Roger: You don’t have to sugar coat it, it’s a poverty team who watches Portland really? I mean the only reason people watch Portland is because of him Im pretty sure nobody was watching that game last night up until the 4th quarter maybe the 2nd half when they started seeing him get hot but nobody was gonna watch the game…. Houston Rockets. vs. The Portland Trailblazers who’s gonna like, nobody saw that on the calendar and said thats gonna be a good game but Damian Lillard is such a big star that he can make those type of games happen.

Michael: And he’s, he’s 30 years old, he.. he, he still has some years left in his prime, I know he said he wants to stay and he’s not gonna leave like the whole loyalty thing but I don’t care if he goes to whatever team he wants to go to like to contend like I would be all for it because Damian Lillard is one of my top 2 favorite players in the league I’ve been liking him since back like in 2015 I’ve always been such a huge fan of him and uh he’s like that one player that everyone wants to see win a championship like I would love to see Dame win a championship cause I know it would mean so much to him especially if he wins one for Portland but it doesn’t look like he’ll win one for Portland because they don’t do anything to try to help him to get any title like a star to come over here nothing they could have at least try to trade for Kyrie maybe try to trade for Kevin Durant at least but they didn’t do anything and now there stuck with Dame and everyone else.

Roger: Yeah it’s crazy to think about that this was the 2nd 70 point game of this season like there starting to come more frequently and honestly I might have a little hot take hear me out but I think I think were getting closer and closer to seeing uh maybe possible passing of Kobe, passing Kobe with the 81, I think we’ll see that eventually, uh can it get to a hundred?

Michael: No

Roger: No? You don’t think it could get to a hundred?

Michael: No, I don’t think so

Roger: I don’t know, I think one day were just gonna see some guy a little kid probably listening to this podcast shooting threes all day and he’s just gonna knock down like 20 threes in a game and.

Michael: Yeah

Roger: And eventually, I think somebody is gonna get to a hundred.

Michael: Speaking of Dame these are his stats over the last, last 12 games, 71 points, 39 points, 40 points, 38 points, 33 points, 28, 40, 29, 42, 42, 30 and 60 thats over his last 12 games and the blazers are only the 10th seed in the west.

Roger: Yeah I guarantee you nobody knows about that stats cause nobody cares about the trail blazers like we been saying their a poverty team uh he’s just wasting his career there honestly.

Michael: I mean he’s gonna have a lot of money when he retires so that’s good for him so at least he’s taking care of his family that’s one good thing.

Roger: Yeah but if your looking at it from a basketball perspective and if he’s a real competitor and I’m not say he’s not a competitor but if he really had that mentality that he wants to be one of the greatest.

Michael: A winner.

Roger: A winner, you gotta get out of Portland you can’t win it there

Michael: Yeah speaking of another point guard that wears number zero and has no rings uh Russell Westbrook went to the clippers, now hear me out I think that this was actually a good move for him, this was the best team he could’ve went to because the Bulls could’ve got him, the Bulls suck right now their gonna blow it up pretty soon, the Jazz he had nothing to be there in Utah for, uh Miami, Miami is another team that is struggling right now and it’s not looking good for them and the clippers is the best situation for him because they have players around him that can actually shoot and I think he fits that team way more than he fits the Lakers because the lakers obviously he was a horrible fit you have LeBron James and Russell Westbrook on the same team not only that your three best players are dominant in the pain so theres not spacing and when you put him on the clippers a team that has shooting everywhere like probably the best three point shooting team in the league that should be it should be a good thing for him but they lost two games since he’s got there I’m not saying it’s his fault but their 0-2 since he joined the clippers.

Roger: I don’t know I probably see that trend continuing with Russ I mean, yeah I mean he’s still coming off the bench and I think the last game that he played he didn’t

Michael: They benched him in the 4th quarter.

Roger: They benched him, they benched him

Michael: And in overtime

Roger: Yeah so how are you gonna say you upgraded or you got better when you can’t even play that star when it matters the most that’s how I see it if I really want a difference maker in a game and there not gonna make the biggest difference in the first and third quarter I need them to make a difference in the fourth quarter thats Russell, Russell is the opposite of that, I don’t know, Russ I love ’em, he’s a good guy, I just don’t know, I just don’t know if he’s I mean I think he’s falling off a cliff.

Michael: I mean he might he hasn’t been the same since he’s joined the lakers, but he played, he’s been playing good like he hasn’t been playing bad since he’s been on the clippers it’s just that they’re not winning and uh continuing on more NBA stuff, um our take has been kinda aging very well with Kyrie and Luka not working because they played, I know its only been four games and they only won, they are 1-3 together since they have become a duo the duo itself has been solid its just that the team, it’s not connecting well because they can’t play defense and that was one of our main concerns about them is that they can’t play defense and obviously that was one of the reasons why the lakers came back last, last, yesterday your gonna be able to get shots against them because they can’t play defense and yeah Kyrie and Luka aren’t doing too well together.

Roger: Yeah, I mean I don’t see, I don’t see uh Kyrie Irving on that team next year I think he goes somewhere else hopefully the lakers I mean I know LeBron was tryna show, show out a little bit against them just to be like “yo Kyrie like I know you wanna come back, come back Kyrie”, but I don’t know not not looking good so far but there still a little bit of time left in the season for them to kind of get used to each other so hopefully they could do that because I love both of those guys individually so kinda seeing them fail it hurts a little bit.

Michael: Now were going into a topic that we dedicated this show to and it’s called the “Hear Me Out” session where we’ll deliver some of our hottest takes about any sport but right now were gonna talk about the NBA and uh Roger has one right here for you guys let’s see what he has to say.

Roger: Yeah so uh over this weekend I don’t know uh, if you saw the Boston-Philly the Philly game that was crazy

Michael: Crazy ending

Roger: Crazy ending, Jayson Tatum with a little three point game winner.

Michael: And I thought Joel Embiid hit the game tying with the half like full court shot I was like oh my goodness.

Roger: Yo that would’ve been crazy I jumped out my say I was like no way then you know it got called, called back.

Michael: Joel knew it too.

Roger: He knew it too, he didn’t even care he didn’t wanna stay there and argue with the ref he just walked to the locker room and I think, I think Joel Embiid is very frustrated in Philly I, so hear me out my hot take is I think especially if they don’t get to the Eastern conference finals this year at least get to the finals I think Joel Embiid should request a trade cause.

Michael: Mmmmmmm.

Roger: I don’t cause, I like Joel Embiid too and, and uh he’s balled out in Philly, he never gets the credit he deserves he’s always shadowed by uh Jokic, I think it would be healthy for Joel to get a fresh start somewhere just dominate maybe play with another super star and hopefully get a ring cause Joel Embiid is too good of a talent to not have a ring.

Michael: And uh the take is not that bad because there saying that theres a good chance, a great chance actually that James Harden leaves this off season and goes back to Houston which would leave James Harden with nobody unless you wanna unless Philadelphia decides to go to free agency and get Kyrie Irving to match him up with Joel Embiid but I… I don’t know if would request a trade, it could be possible because he’s been there for almost like what 10 years now almost and they haven’t really done anything the whole trust the process is not working there’s no process that’s going on the process is make it to the second round or the conference finals and lose that’s what the process has been so I don’t I don’t think thats that bad of a take, but here’s mine so hear me out ladies and gentlemen I think even with Steph Curry the Warriors are not that good of a team especially this year, even when he was playing they were struggling they weren’t even a top seed in the west when he was playing and even… obviously without him there even worse and I don’t think there, there that much of a threat in the west this year because I think that the lakers if they played the lakers in the first round I think or the second round or whatever round it is I think the lakers could beat the warriors I think the uh what other teams that could beat them I think the Mavericks could matchup with them they might be able to beat them.

Roger: You might get the kings

Michael: And that’s another one I think the Kings could beat the Warriors, I think the suns would beat the warriors it’s just, right now I don’t think they’re that good of a team even with steph when he come back I don’t think they’re that good of a team and I think a lot of people have been overrating them a lot recently.

Roger: Yeah I don’t think that’s that hot of a take either um I agree with that I think the, I think it’s hard for a team to go back to back you know, you always lose players after a championship you, its a shorter off season, its just hard, you made it to the top of the mountain and now your back at the bottom of the mountain and you gotta climb it again its very mentally uh mentally tiring, physically too and uh I just, I don’t blame them for being bad but I think they’re not that good of a team even with Curry yeah.

Michael: So we got one more topic to talk about, and that is that the MLB Spring training has officially started.

Roger: Yes! And already the Dodgers are already disappointing me, we got a report in the morning that Gavin Lux has an apparent right knee injury we don’t know the specifics yet.

Michael: He was carted off the field

Roger: That is never a good sign, this, this is crazy man the dodgers are already in spring training and the dodgers are already stressing me out I’m barely getting over the Super Bowl, I’m still a little fresh off that and jeez man, dodgers never fail.

Michael: So going into the uh quick question going into the MLB season what are you like expecting like what teams are you expecting to go all the way at least 5 teams that could potentially go all the way.

Roger: Ok, I think the Phillies, definitely the Phillies, they just got Trea Turner in which I love, I love Trea Turner when he was in LA, they still obviously have Bryce Harper and them, uh the Astros the astros are always good.

Michael: Even though nobody likes them.

Roger: Nobody likes them and they’re cheaters but uh I think in reality they’re always good and always in contention every year somehow they make the freakin world series and were watching them again uh the dodgers a lot of people are kinda down playing the dodgers because their lack in star power right now well they’re not lack in star power they’re not viewed as the super team that they have been these past couple of years, I think they’ll be sneaky in the playoffs I think they’ll be, their not gonna have what did we have 107 win season but I think we could do some damage I think the padres, they just signed Manny Machado for 11 years uh they’ll probably do some damage they got Juan Soto and they got uh what’s his name?

Michael: Fernando Tatis

Roger: Tatis they got him coming back.

Michael: But he’s suspended for 60 games but that’s nothing in a MLB season.

Roger: But for the playoffs, he’ll be there for the playoffs and one more team I think I’m gonna go with, I think I’m gonna, I’m not gonna say the Yankees because Aaron Judge he’s not gonna have a season like he did last year,,,, uh lets see…. I don’t know I’m not, I’m not really , I’ll say those four, I’m not really in love with the other ones I think I gotta see a little more, a little more baseball to find out but some of these new rules are not that bad the pitch clock it’s not bad I liked it I don’t know if you caught any of these games this weekend but seeing the clock on the side is a little weird but it’s nice, it’s a little refreshing games are a little faster, little more entertaining, bases are bigger so yeah uh I think there pretty good moves for the MLB.

Michael: Well uh that’s gonna be it for this episode of the Hear Me Out Podcast we’ll be back maybe next week, most likely next week and uh thats it thank you for listening.

Roger: See you later.

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Hear Me Out Podcast Ep. 3; LeBron James injury, Damian Lillard 71-point game and MLB Spring training