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Hear Me Out Podcast Ep. 4: NBA 1st Round Playoffs; Aaron Rodgers to the Jets; NFL Draft

Samuel Chacko
Here’s the two hosts from the podcast “Hear Me Out.” (Left to Right) Roger Estrada III and Michael Delgado.

Michael: Yo, welcome back guys to another episode of the Hear Me Out podcast. We’re your host, Michael and

Roger: Roger.

Michael: This is a podcast where we talk about the hottest news in the sports industry. And today we will be talking about the NBA Playoffs because that’s the biggest thing that’s happening right now. Right now, we’ll start off talking with the Grizzlies and Lakers series, the Lakers up two one after beating the Grizzlies on Saturday, and they play tonight and we’ll just give you guys our thoughts on the game. Going into this one, so you can go first

Roger: My initial thoughts going into this game I am a Lakers fan. Obviously we’re big Lakers fans, but I think they’re gonna lose this game. I know you kind of have different feelings but like game two Lakers just played down to and throughout throughout the whole season like they just played down to their opponents level they get a little timid. But you even saw last game they came out only the score like nine to like 35 or something. Then you just see that you look at the end of the game and it’s like I won’t point those like three minutes and they were only up by like six points like Ja scored like 22 straight points like in the game. I think the Grizzlies are gonna ride with that momentum that they had at the end. And they’re just gonna come they’re gonna come and even the series out today. I mean, I don’t want it I hope it doesn’t happen but it’s how I feel.

Michael: I can for sure she didn’t really do any of this game because like, you don’t want to go down three one and a series like nobody wants to get the chances of you winning that you know winning is like not good. But again, I think we have to look at it like the Lakers have to view it as like a must win today because he was this one. Do you ever go back to Memphis and try not to lose that game? Because obviously it’s not easy to win in Memphis. So I think like I think it’s not gonna go five or six games. So I think like if they win today, there’ll be a three one and then like, you know, like, they’ll probably lose in Memphis. Next game and then they’ll finish it out in LA. Because the way I see it I just think that right now the Lakers. know, they can’t they can’t lose those games. To me, they can’t I mean, the Grizzlies can’t lose either. But for the Lakers if they want to win this series, I think this is the game that they have to win in order to win this series because I just don’t feel comfortable with them losing this game then going back to Memphis and there’s a chance they lose out of line and I just don’t like that. So I say like this game is like, honestly the most part of the series for them because they lose. I won’t feel confident in them winning this series, so I think they’re gonna come out. Now with the same amount of energy they came up with last time because they came in with a lot. They played with a lot of sense of urgency, but I think that I think they’ll come up with a when they should. And I think ad is going to have another game to remind everybody that AD is him.

Roger: I don’t know man. AD is great one game and then the next game he’s he’s not as good and he has been playing through a lot of like, not injuries, but like, kind of like pain.

Michael: Minor injuries,

Roger: Minor injuries, like that little eye being that he had like WHAT WAS THAT game two? Like yesterday he ran it or Saturday he ran into like that cameraman getting bloody lip. LeBrons playing through DILLON BROOKS hitting him in the crown jewels. So that was a LeBron said his crown jewels. Yeah, Dillon Brooks is a bum.

Michael: Yeah. I like that Dylan Brooks man. He’s so the thing about him is that so right now? He’s in a situation where he’s saying that the media is the reason why he’s feeling like they’re they’re pushing this narrative that he’s really not him at all. So he thinks the same. Like I never said that I was the villain. And the media do this to me, but in reality, he’s the one that did that. He did it to himself.

Roger:That was literally the persona that he wanted to do. What what do you say when you call it Brian Alden. You’re attacking him? With the media. Like you’re obviously trying to like do something. You’re always trying to be the villain. You come out every game doing that little stupid dance like with your hands or something. It’s like, bro, you’re, you know what you’re trying to do? You’re losing now and now you want to like take it back?

Michael: No, no, it doesn’t make sense either. This is why he’s about to do it. He’s a clown for fraud. So this is the whole Grizzlies team. Don’t get me the only person that has the right to talk in that team is Ja Morant because due to the start, he’s a stud. I mean, he’s he’s great. So like, he could back up his play style. He could back up his tracks on when it’s going to stop because he Ja Morant you but deliberately looking back into when he when he started off the game? What one of 9 He made eight of his first nine shots. And he ended up taking out his frustration by hitting LeBron with one interview but come on bro like and he said that the reason why he was ejected is because of the history or he was influenced like bro stop ever makes you more funny. He was he was talking all that. After they beat us and gave to have everything everything. He said everything he wanted like he had all of this like so that he wants to say after the game but when you lose and you make yourself look like a fool out there. You got embarrassed in game three and he was embarrassed. Now all of a sudden when that happened to you don’t want to talk to the media. He said dont talk to me. Like bro just like you know it’s okay to trash talk but the mount that he does just just dumb pointless and I mean, he’s like, he’s a bum. I mean, he can ball us up because hes in the leave but like in then NBA standards hes a bum. And that’s what we have for the Lakers. And Giannis is coming back today against Miami.

Roger: He’s coming back?

Michael: Yeah He’s coming back

Roger: finally man. Bucks needed him.

Michael: Yeah,I think because i see it like this man. Like if they lose this game. Chances of coming back three one. It’s like it can happen but like I just don’t. I don’t think it’ll be a look on for them. So I think they just, they might be rushing Gianis back but like they need Him.

Roger: They definitely need him back. The series wouldn’t even be this remotely close. If Gianis would have been playing in the beginning. This could have been like a four one bucks. bucks series. But it’s it’s going with the loss of Gianis. I mean, that’s probably it was you’re the best player on the planet.

Michael: Yeah, and now we have any like tons of injuries in the playoffs.

Roger: Tons of injuries

Michael: Gianis was hurt, Joel Embiid injured. Game three against Brooklyn. De’aaron Fox thought it just fractured your fingers and doubtful to play the next game. I mean, Ja but hes find now so that’d be that’s a good thing but like Kawhi Leonard hurt again.

Roger: No timeline for coming back

Michael: Probably not in combat at all good. They’re not winning the next game. So there’s just you know, injuries are affecting the play.

Roger: Victor Oladipo. Man he’s out for the rest of the playoffs. Maybe his career

Michael: Maybe his career so many leaders you guys it’s I guess it’s time to wrap it up. Also another series I want to talk about was really interest me. I thought it was gonna be a real fun series. They ended up turning on to me just one sided with the Knicks and Cavs. I thought it was gonna be probably the most competitive one in the east but it turns out to be just not competitive. Like

Roger: the Knicks have just been dominating on defense. They’re playing with real emotion and they’re playing with real intensity out there and and I mean, when if you can hold. I mean, I love Donovan Mitchell, but he can’t be scoring two points in the second half. Like come on.

Michael: And it’s crazy because , he’s really known for being such a great playoff performer every year he shows them in the playoffs. I mean, I don’t think it has to do anything with him. I think he has to do more with like the the Knicks playing the defense that they’re playing on him. Yeah, but I thought that would be the most entertaining one. Right now. It was a golden state in the kings, but unfortunately the De’aaron Fox Injury probably has an effect that Series majorly. But now we’ll move on to the latest breaking news actually.

Roger: Breaking news just dropped about 10 minutes ago.

The Aaron Rodgers and the Jets finally after months finalizes the deal and is now official Aaron Rodgers is officially in New York jet.

Roger: Yes. Okay. So the Trade Information is the Jets get Aaron Rodgers pick number 15 and 2023 5th round draft number 107, they get to 70

Michael: Wait the Packers are getting a first round.

Roger: The Jets are getting a pick so they’re swapping so then the Packers get pick number 13 2023 Second round pick, sixth round pick and a conditional 2024 second round pick that becomes a first round pick. Aaron Rodgers plays 65% of plays. So they finally got it worked out. I honestly I was having some doubt that this was even going to get done. Because so much has happened. So much talk has been surrounded that was one of the Jets. I mean, you just haven’t heard anything since But today’s the day.

Michael: Yes. Now. It begs the question. What does this do for New York? Is it like are they? Could you consider them as contenders or playoff contenders Super Bowl contenders.

Roger: the jets are definitely playoff contenders I think playoff not sure but I don’t know about Super Bowl yet.

Michael: They have a really even they have a young squad. And I mean they’re getting back with my brice hall after he tore his ACL last year. To have nice young receivers. And we’ll see I mean theyre good on defense too

Roger: And they have Aaron Aaron right. He’s a bad man. But you know, we’ve never really seen Aaron on another team and when he’s got a new system,

Michael: new system

Roger: I think I think he’s got to actually put in the work because I think he’s taken like being a packer for granted you know, he never goes through like training camp or anything like that. They seen a couple years ago when he started having rookie receivers. He still tried to have that model where like, oh, I don’t want to go to training camp and and you really saw like the play, his play being affected because you know his communication and his his relationship with receivers just didn’t look too, right.

Michael: Yeah, that happened when you lose to Davante Adams. I mean, you lose that guy’s arguably the best favorite football because when he had him, definitely throw it to the medical team. He didn’t have any industry Davante he has a trusted dealer fees for the day. And I think that’s going to be very, very interesting. And now it’s what’s really gonna be interesting what this does for the NFC North because energy knows with wide open people I mean, you have the Vikings or a big team but like this, but then like when it comes to the playoffs, because it’s just I don’t know, like there’s just and then the lions are team.

Roger: I think the lions are gonna come out of that division that the lions are a really good team. very underrated and they just, I don’t know, I like

Michael: the Packers. I don’t know we got to see what Jordan loves gonna do because he’s like, he has to show that he really good flashes of being a good guy actually.

Roger: He did show like a little flash when he played that Eagles game.

Michael: I mean, he just threw a bunch slant. And Christian Watson went for 70 yards. I mean, I could throw a five yard slant.

Roger: Nah you cant

Michael: I just think that people should be able to like, I mean, like, even I know people do not trash talk, but like even Chicago. They’re a nice young team to have they went all off in the offseason with great pickups in the free agency. They traded for DJ more. Someone that can actually finally help Justin fields because you have to feel that the most potential out of anybody in that division like just a few as I as he’s a he’s an upcoming star. I mean, he’s not a shot right now, but he I think there’s going to be the year when we see a field takes that next level. And of course, if he doesn’t take the next level then it might be here but I don’t really care. I’m not embarrassed. I do like this a few of the thinking the very fun play to watch in the league.

Roger: Yeah, like Justin fields. I think he could be a star. Just he’s an online.

Michael: Exactly.

Roger: But speaking of the NFL the NFL draft has actually this week. It seems like he was caught up in all this basketball. I forgot that there was even a draft this week.

Michael: So my concern just come from, what is my team gonna do because we’re either going to draft the best cornerback or trade up and get a quarterback now in my opinion. I just get the best cornerback. I don’t think it’s necessary to get the quarterback right now. I mean, yeah, Jimmy Garoppolo is not the best. But you know, like I think a young quarterback and more will make a more of an impact on our team right now than a brand new quarterback and a young rookie. were projected to draft Christian Gonzalez so if we can get him I would prefer him over a quarterback respectfully, because that right now is reported that the Texans are they’re not interested in they’re gonna pass up on a quarterback. So that means that number three spot, someone that trade pays to be able to trade it for us but I don’t know if the Raiders are going to trade it. I mean if they do trade it for him and CJ Strouts available. I want to say no. I say no to that.


Roger: Yes, for my team. It’s been a little it’s a couple of weird days for my team. All randomly I think it was like Saturday or Friday night. There was like a random like report on Twitter from like, some random account that the Eagles are gonna like they’re gonna trade their 30th Pick and then something for Derrick Henry. I heard something about that. And I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, Derrick Henry in the offense would be lethal. Just and then another report came out that the running back from the Texan from Texas. I really liked him. I thought we were going to drop them at him at ten I heard that he was probably gonna get taken by the Falcons right before us there two picks ahead of us. So honestly going into this draft, I wanted the eagles to get a corner any corner I liked the corner out of Oregon Yeah, but because the Eagles secondary has always always needed help. But then Buddha Baker all this all this talk about Buddha Baker might come into the Eagles the

Michael: Everybody wants,

Roger: everyone wants to go to the Eagles but I mean yeah, we get like Buddha Baker and dark Henry that that fixes our short term problems by drafting up its 10th and 30th. Pick, like let’s go out there and get some players that we’re going to have on our team for for like the next like, five, six years. I mean, Derrick Henry is a great player. I don’t see him playing on the team for like more than two years.

Michael:If you guys get Derrick Henry just hand them the chip because

Roger: Nah the eagles will find a way to mess it up.

Michael:That’s all we have for this episode. Hope you guys enjoyed listening. And thats all we have thank you guys for listening

Roger: have a good one.

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Hear Me Out Podcast Ep. 4: NBA 1st Round Playoffs; Aaron Rodgers to the Jets; NFL Draft