Update on G.O. bond

The rising of the sun from the new Social Science building

The rising of the sun from the new Social Science building

Alicia Edquist, Advertising Manager/Lab Aide

The campaign is under way for Cerritos College G.O. Bond Measure

At a Board of Trustees meeting on Nov.19 the board voted to place a $210 million General Obligation Bond on the March 2 ballot, after more than a year of planning.

The G.O. Bond will help Cerritos College receive funding for the aging buildings and infrastructure on campus.

This is the first time in more than 40 years that Cerritos College will have a bond measure on the ballot. The last time a bond was passed for Cerritos College was a $ 6 million bond for the school to be built in September of 1955.

The measure states that there is a need for more classrooms, laboratories, and other student instructional facilities to help reduce overcrowding.

If passed by voters in March, the bond would provide a stable and locally controlled source of funding to provide an educational environment with adequate classrooms, labs, and instructional space that is safe and technologically advanced to meet the changing needs of the college’s students and teachers.

The 50- year- old buildings on campus will also be modernized and new buildings will be constructed.

There are also health, safety, and security improvements necessary for the college including access for disabled students, lighting improvements, sidewalk renovation, and elimination of asbestos and fire sprinkler upgrades.

The bond will improve the parking at Cerritos College by building a three story parking structure that will have 750 spaces for students and faculty to park in. This is all in Cerritos College Master Plan to help upgrade and make renovations to the college. The plan is incorporated in with the bond to show what the college is preparing to do with the passing of the bond in March.

If passed by voters the bond’s impact on individual property owners will not exceed $25 a year per $100,000 of assessed value or $2.08 per month per $100,000. The assessed value should not be confused with market value, which is typically much higher. The cost of Measure CC is tax deductible.

There will also be an independent Citizens Oversight Committee, that will be monitoring the Measure CC funds will be spent wisely. To learn more about Measure CC for Cerritos College contact Citizens for Cerritos College by calling (562) 923-1210.