An eyebrow raised at the Board meeting

Cheryl Epple Board Member, speaks out at board meeting.

Cheryl Epple Board Member, speaks out at board meeting.

Alicia Edquist, Advertising Manager/Lab Aide

Questions to change orders were brought to the attention of the Board as they began to re-evaluate how they go about conducting business with contractors.

Board member Cheryl Epple brought attention to a change order that was about to be passed by the Board but wanted to get further information on it.

“I want to know why we are doing another change order for this contract. Did we not know ahead of time that we were going to need these mains installed?” Epple said.

Epple who had just attended a conference that specifically talked about precautions with contractors and making sure that who is responsible for the cost of more additions to the project than thought before.

She also mentioned that things like this have been coming to the Board, but there has been no drawings or renderings to see what the change order might bring. “I would like to see the changes in what is being done to campus in the architecture.”

Dr. Ted Edmiston, Board member, reminded the Board that we need to watch the industry such as steel with all the bond issues that are happening in the state when talking about new contracts and buildings.

Also at the meeting, Hersson Preciado of the Talon Marks newspaper spoke to the Board about a concern that the newspaper staff has about the stealing of papers from the racks that took place about three weeks ago during the ASCC Presidential Election.

He stated that Talon Marks would like a policy to be put in place to prevent the stealing of newspapers and censorship of the Talon Marks.

Preciado explained that during the elections, some employees from the ASCC had taken the papers off the rack because they did not like what was published in the paper and he also reminded them that it as they know of not student involved.

Talon Marks had made an error regarding two photos of candidates, which were inadvertently switched. The ASCC staff asked for the removal of the papers but before doing so, had taken the liberty to remove stacks that were just delivered.

This policy would involve some disciplinary action for students, employees, faculty members and public for taking the papers off the rack with the intent of censoring the content of the paper.

Interim President John Grindel said that he had just heard of the incident the morning of to the Board meeting and that he advises Talon Marks to follow the internal grievance process.

Board member Eric Gutierrez asked if this matter was for the Board to address or if it was an ASCC/Student Services matter?

Erlinda Martinez, Student Services, said that Talon Marks would need to go to Shared Governance and meet with her to work on drafting a policy and then recommend the policy to the Board.

Epple added that it might be a matter for the Board to create a policy also.

Edmiston said, that he was glad to see that this came to the Board and was concerned about the paper’s involvement in the election.

“Good response to taking corrective action of the mistake in the paper, especially on Election Day when the paper came out and thank you for reporting your concern to the Board,” Edmiston said.

Also Chi-Chung Keung, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, updated the Board on the progress of the 50th anniversary celebration.

“This is project has been about four years in the making,” Keung said. The theme for the anniversary is “Springboard to Success, Celebrating 50 years of Excellence. Also the logo design contest is almost complete and the unveiling of the logo for the celebration will be June 16.

The kick off celebration will be Sept 30 of this year.

Applications for the Citizens Oversight Committee are available in the President’s Office for all who are interested in being apart of the committee. Deadline for applications are May 21 in the President’s office.

The Board has also called a special meeting to discuss about People Soft. The meeting will be held Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Boardroom.