ASCC Senate appoints new commissioners

Tim Dickerson

New ASCC commissioners and associate justices were named at last week’s senate meeting.

ASCC President Michael Barrita also had a few announcements to make.

The commissioners named are:

  • Trina Burch as commissioner of vocational outreach,
  • Tiffany Burwell as assistant commissioner of vocational outreach,
  • Abraham Ramirez as commissioner of student services,
  • David Vasquez as commissioner of public relations,
  • Oscar Franco as commissioner of student outreach,
  • Kevin Martinez as commissioner of convocations and fine arts,
  • Viridiana Mendoza as commissioner of financial aid,
  • Thu Thuy Tang as commissioner of record and information,
  • Andy Duong as commissioner of information technology,
  • Jesus Olvera as commissioner of budget and finance,
  • Steven Del Castillo as commissioner of athletics, and
  • Samuel Kwon as commissioner of student center.

“(I want to) incorporate them on that side with us on this side,” Burch said, referring to the opposite sides of campus.

Kwon said his goal is to “make sure people know about construction (on campus).”

The new associate justices named are:

  • Pritika Hirani,
  • Christopher Bacani,
  • Suzanne Grijalva,
  • Claudia Carrillo, and
  • June Romo.

Grijalva, who served on the senate in the last school year, said, “I want to try something different.”

Other senate positions named are:

  • Umeamara Butt as senate clerk and
  • Juan Guerra as party whip.

“Writing is going to help me with my skills,” Butt said.

Butt has watched previous senate clerks and feels she can do the job well.

Patricia Salgado, faculty senate liasion, said, “I was talking to students and taking suggestions.”

Salgado said she talked with Guerra about plans he had announced in the past.

In other business, Barrita said he wanted to replace the marquee outside the Student Activities office with “something nice.”

One of Barrita’s goals this semester is to have “more of a connection between out student senate and the (faculty) senate.”