Preachers again on campus

Ernesto Gomez

Once again, a poster of Einstein with the words “IQ Test”, was set up next to Stewart Scott, the same man that has been returning to Cerritos College preaching the ‘Way of the Master.’

And like last time a religious preacher was on campus, so was campus police. Two police vehicles lined the entrance to the Student Center, and one was parked next to the fountain in the quad.

There was a group of students surrounding the preacher, and the whole thing went on with any major inconveniences.

Michael Barrita, ASCC President, was also present. He was there to make sure there was not a repeat of last time.

“Someone complained about being called out again,” explained Barrita, for the police presence.

Stewart ended his presentation by passing out CD’s to students. Most students accepted the discs, but others rejected them.

Stewart then proceeded to offer fake million dollar bills, with religious-inspired questions behind them. “It’s just a piece of paper, take it,” said Stewart, as some students rejected the bill.