Walking for breast cancer awareness

Billy Turner

The Ninth Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk was held in Falcon Square.

The walk led students around the campus and ended where it began.

Carrie Edwards, department chairperson for fitness and wellness, had many words to say.

“I organized the event for all people who have been affected by cancer. We’re looking to do some good and also raise money for a cure.”

Edwards added, “I’m doing this for my daughter also, that’s why its important to me.”

Susan Komen, representative, and guest speaker Linda Pura also had some words to add.

“We’re walking to educate men and women about breast cancer and to celebrate survivors  of breast cancer,” Pura said. “The diagnosis for breast cancer has gone up but the fatality rate has gone down. That’s something we should be proud of.”

Pura stated, “(This is) the first group of people walking for awareness this fiscal year. And we thank (the group) for being so generous with donations. 75 percent of donations will go to the foundation.”

Andrea Johnson, speech major, stated, “It looks like a good turnout and it’s all for a good cause.”

Micheal Opene, kinesology major, stated, “I support the Awareness Walk. It’s a good thing the school has organized it.”

“This is my second time walking for awareness,” stated Carol Gonzalez, bookstore employee. “I love it. It’s a great thing the school is doing, but it should broaden out to the community and get it more involved.”

As the walk ended, everyone stood in Falcon Square.

Edwards got on stage and added a few more words.

“Hopefully everyone enjoyed the walk. I have great news, we broke two records today. First is for the number of people who registered for the event, 312, and second is the amount of money raised, $1,900. By the end of the day we should have $2,000.”

The event ended with a raffle. The prizes were donated by the bookstore.

Also, there were awards handed out.

The first award was given to the Science Engineering and Math Division for the most particpants with 170. The second was the bookstore with 24 participants.

Three people were recognized for the most donations.

Robert Walther, biology chairperson, donated $320.

Everyone was thanked for coming out to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk.