Feminists hang dirty laundry

Daisy Garcia

The Feminist Club at Cerritos College hanged up its “Dirty Laundry” at the Hill for its clothesline project.

On March 17, various shirts were put on display with messages such as “You were supposed to protect me, not molest me.”  
According to Denise Vazquez, member of the Feminist Club, the shirts were made from people who had been molested or raped.
“The white shirts mean the person survived violence. The yellow and orange are from survivors of rape. The blue and greens are for people who been through incest or child abuse. As for the purple or lavender, that is for women who were attacked because they were lesbians,” Vazquez explained.
The shirts were brought over by members of SACA, the sexual assault crisis agency, such as Hilda Jimenez who is a volunteer worker.
“The clothesline project is a national project. We want to give the survivors a voice to tell their story,” Jimenez shared.
“It’s not just girls that go through this, one out of every seven are molested before they reach adulthood,” Vazquez said.
Students such as Angie Anguiano, nursing major, were immediately drawn to the shirts and their message.
“I think it’s great. It’s a strong for the survivors to be able to this,” Anguiano said.
“Molestation is more common than people think. It happens to family members and friends. A lot of survivors are just scared to tell anyone,” Jimenez clarified.
For more information on SACA, just call the office at (562)989-0309.