Professor Rigby offers trips to Japan, Israel

Samantha Robinson

Students and their family will have the opportunity to enjoy the trip of a lifetime during the spring and summer of 2011.

For around $3500 students can enjoy an all-inclusive trip to Japan in the spring or Israel in the summer.

During their stay, days are packed full of experiences.

After breakfast, the group is off, not until dinnertime do they stop.

Sometimes, even dinner consists of cultural affairs like dance festivals.

The price that a person pays for this trip is one-third to half the price that a travel agent would charge.

This is mostly because of the agency used, EF Tours, and the fact that three to four students typically share a room.

Since 1997, Jeff Rigby, Cerritos College anthropology professor and group leader of the two trips, has taken groups of students to places like China, Egypt, Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, the Amazon, New Guinea, and Peru.

At the last trip, Rigby took 42 students.

“Anyone can go,” he said, “students can bring parents, grandparents, boyfriends and girlfriends.”

Because of EF Tours, students are not required to pay for the trip upfront.

If set up at least three months before the travel date, a monthly payment plan can be used.

For example, if your trip cost $3000, and you signed up three months prior, your monthly payment would be $727.

The only thing that needs to be paid for up front is the $95 reservation fee.

This fee puts a hold on your spot and enables you to enroll in the monthly payment program.

The trip to Japan is an 11-day excursion.

The first three days in Japan are spent in Tokyo. Kamakura and Hakone are next on the list with Kyoto and Hiroshima following.

The final day is spent in Osaka.

Israel begins with two days in Tel Aviv and then a stay in Haifa. Upon leaving Haifa, a trip to Nazareth and Bethlehem are planned. Jerusalem is the last destination in this nine-day excursion.

For more information, see Rigby in room SS315 or email him at [email protected]