Steven Q

Cerritos College students experienced confusion upon being unaware of the extension of the free parking period given to them in the second week of the semester.


Chief of Cerritos College Campus Police Richard Bukowiecki, stated that, ” The policy is we allow free parking the first week of each semester.”


“This semester we have extended that one week [the second week of the semester].

Bukowiecki  added, “We are giving students an extra week to buy the parking permit.”


Bukowiecki stated that the extension to the free parking was made Tuesday, though at first he said Sunday. He was also unable to give an exact time of when the extension was made.


Bukowiecki was unable to be reached for further comment and will not be available until after Labor Day.


Michelle Dawkins, the Parking & Rideshare Facilitor, was unable to comment on the situation because she claims that she cannot be interviewed without clearance from Bukowiecki.


It is also unknown if or how the Campus Police attempted to advise students of the free parking extension.


Students such as Alberto Loaiza, English major, claims that he knew noting about the extension.


Loaiza said that sometime last week he bought a parking permit at the dispensary and the ticket did not come out.


He went to another dispensary and the same thing occurred.


Loaiza’s solution was, “They put a sign the first week of school on the in big red letters to let people know that there is free parking.


They could have left the sign on to let people know [of the extension].