Board of Trustees restores more summer classes

Pete Moye' and Pete Moye'

The Cerritos College Board of Trustees voted on and approved a motion to reinstate 45 classes for this year’s summer session at a board meeting on Wednesday.

The board originally planned a schedule in February but made cuts in April to offset the current $6 million deficit the college is facing this fiscal year.

After facing pressure from students and faculty alike, it chose to reinstate some of the classes.

During the public presentation segment of the meeting History instructor Walter Fernandez pleaded for the board to add even more classes.

 He distributed a letter to the board and the audience, written by Cerritos College Faculty Federation President Dr. Ted Stolze and Treasurer Solomon Namala, stating that returning to the original summer schedule “would not only be the right thing to do for our students but also a prudent use of taxpayers’ money.”

The letter also included information that suggested the district has about $30 million in reserves and to return to the original schedule would only cost about $500,000.

Registration for classes that were previously available has already begun and the summer semester officially began on May 23.  

The enrollment for the classes that have just been added will open Friday at noon.

Here is a list of the complete list of the classes that have been added.

Course             Title                                                                                            Seats


Business/Humanities/Social Sciences

BA 107            Human Relations in Business                                                    42

ACCT 100      Introduction to Accounting                                                             35

LAW 111        Business Law                                                                                 42

AJ 103            Criminal Procedures                                                                     48

HIST 103       Political Social History of the US: 1877 to present                   48

PHIL 100       Introduction to Philosophy                                                             40

POL 101        American Political Institutions                                                      60

SOC 101       Introduction to Sociology                                                               60


Fine Arts & Communication


ART 105A       Latin American Arts                                                                      80

ART 110          Freehand Drawing                                                                       28

MUS 104B      History of Rock                                                                              75

MUS 105         Music Fundamentals                                                                  30

PHOT 100       Introduction to Photography                                               &nbs
p;      25

TH 101            Intro to Theatre                                                                             40

TH 150            Appreciation of Motion Pictures                                                40

TH 151            Motion Pictures, Radio, TV                                                        35


Health, PE, Dance and Athletics

HED 100         Contemporary Health Problems                                             40

DANC 100      Dance Appreciation                                                                   40

PE 141             Fitness and Wellness                                                               35

PE 135AB       Circuit Weight Training                                                              35


Liberal Arts

ENGL 20         Basic Writing                                                                                  30

ENGL 20         Basic Writing                                                                                  30

ENGL 52         Intro to College Composition                                                      30

ENGL 52         Intro to College Composition                                                      30

ENGL 52         Intro to College Composition                                                      30

ENGL 52         Intro to College Composition                                                      30

ENGL 100       Freshman Composition                                                              30

ENGL 100       Freshman Composition                                                              30

ENGL 100       Freshman Composition                                                              30

SPCH 100       Fundamentals of Oral Communication                                    30

SPCH 100       Fundamentals of Oral Communication                                    30


Science, Engineering and Mathematics

BIOL 120        Intro to Biol Lecture/Lab                                         &n
bsp;                    30

CHEM 100      Introductory Chem Lecture/Lab                                                60

CIS 101           Intro to Computer Info Systems Lecture/Lab                         32

MATH 60        Beginning Algebra                                                                        40

MATH 80        Intermediate Algebra                                                                   40

MATH 114      College Algebra                                                                            40

MATH 190      Analytical Geometry & Calculus II                                              40

GEOG 101      Physical Geography                                                                  60


Science, Engineering and Mathematics


ARCH 113      Building Codes                                                                            30

ENGT 131       Design Fundamentals/Autocad                                               28

MTT 56/MTT 170 CNC Shop Inspection/CNC Programming                      24

PMT 51           Composites Fabrication                                                            24


AB 55/58L       Structural Panel Replacement/Collision Lab Repair            24

WMT 101/111L Intro to Woodworking/Lab                                                        24

                        Total Seats Added                                                             1704