Administrators set to attend ribbon-cutting for new PST building


Victor Diaz

Let’s get physical: The Physical Science and Technology opened for use during the summer session. The foyer will be dedicated to C. Dean Paige, a former SEM dean.

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Cerritos College President Linda Lacy, along with Board of Trustees Vice President Bob Arthur, and Instructional Dean of Science, Engineering and Mathematics Carolyn Chambers will be presenting the grand opening and ribbon cutting of the Physical Science and Technology building on Oct. 5. at 4 p.m.

Lacy said, “It’s nice when you get a chance to finally open something you watched being built for a couple of years.”

During the ceremony, a dedication of the foyer presented by John Boyle and Sue Parsons will be made to honor C. Dean Paige, a former dean of the SEM division who passed away last year.

A plaque in the foyer will also be unveiled in remembrance of Paige, whose tenure with Cerritos began in 1964.

Tours will be given of the building after the ceremony.

Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Marilyn Brock said, “The campus was originally built in the mid 1950s and some of the old buildings are some of the original 1950s buildings on campus and we have local bond dollars and state bond dollars to rebuild the campus.”

The G.O. Bond, which was passed by voters, approved certain buildings that were in need of reconstruction due to classrooms being outdated and too small to fit the courses the classroom instructs.

Lacy said there was a “punch list” to make sure minor things were taken care of to ensure the building was ready for opening.

“There were still things going on in the building that needed to be modified like a wiring situation in the architecture room,” she said.

Lacy also said that the other reason why the opening of the Physical Science and Technology building was postponed was, “There are a lot of things happening at the beginning of the semester, we wanted to wait until everything settled down.”

The Physical Science and Technology building will house classrooms for physical science, technology and a few mathematics courses.

Plans for the campus’ reconstruction project have been made for other buildings such as the Fine Arts and Mathematics building to be remodeled within the next 18 months.