ASCC gets ready for homecoming with first meeting


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First round for the Homecoming Court took place this week during a meeting that was held to go over a set of rules regarding the candidate’s campaign and advertisements on Sept 29.

Members of the Associated Students of Cerritos College court are the ones that will run the election and over see the process.

“If [the candidates] break the first rule, it’s usually a warning by our court members, they try to go out and tell the candidate,” Holly Bogdanovich, director of student activities, said.

This means that if any of the candidates or their campaign members participate in any activities that set them on hot waters, then the ASCC court will step in to untimely come to an understanding.

Second punishment could be potentially fined, the third punishment continues down the same path doubling the fine, and finally if any of the candidates carry on for brake a rule a forth time disciplinary actions may take place.

Campaigning and advertising will play a big roll during this competition do to the face that the competitors have to reach out to the student body for votes.

“I’m planning to speak to people, flyers, candy anything, and anything I can do to get my word out there,” Whitney Grajeda homecoming candidate, said.

Cara Butler, homecoming candidate, also has her own ideas for campaigning.

“A lot of posters, lots and lots of poster, getting out there and talking to people, passing out lollypop’s candy whatever, just being a pleasant person” she said.

There are 19 ladies competing for the homecoming court positions and only seven of them will continue on to the queen elections so competition might just begin to stirring up some competition.

“There is a lot of girls so it’s going to be, not tough, but I’ll have to hustle to get out there and get the people before they do,” Butler said.

Bogdanovich explained that running for homecoming court takes more then just good looks.

“Its not a beauty pageant you are ambassador of homecoming that’s what the court is they become the spokes people for the activities that go on,” she said.

Amna Jara, coordinator of student activities, said, “I think they [the candidates] are really excited we are all really excited.”

Homecoming candidate Jessica Cleary said “I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get started it seems like its going to be really fun and the girls look like they are really dedicated to so its going to be really cool.”