Child Development Center promotes earlier literacy in children

The Child Development Center held a book sale on April 14. The book sale will last until the end of this week.

Child Development has been participating in Scholastic book fairs since spring of 2012. Its profit for helping the Scholastic Corporation will be free books.

Debra Ward, director of child development, said these kinds of book sales are a good way to replenishing the supply of books at the Child Development Center’s library.

She believes that there are many advantages that the Child Development can have with having the Scholastic book sales.

“Book sale encourages early literacy in children and an opportunity for parents to know what good books are for their children,” said Ward.

Ward also mentions another way the Child Development Center is encouraging early reading among children, and that is through The Red Folder book club.

Once a week, children take a book to their home and have one of their parents read the book them as well as complete activities in the red folder they are given, and they bring back what they got to class.

“We know by getting books into the home and creating activities for parents to do with the child that it is promoting literacy,” Ward said.

Ward states the importance of children being able to read a book at an early age.

“Children need to hear language, they do hear language on T.V. but not appropriate language,” said Ward.

Ward is convinced that with this strategy, this can help children engage with other adults by asking questions about the books they read.

She believes that these tactics will help children become better prepared when they go into kindergarten and elementary school.

In the past, the Child Development Center has made about $800 to $1500 with these Scholastic book sales for the week.

Erica Moreno, parent volunteer, described the different kind of books that are being sold.

“We have books from pre-school up to second grade, there a lot of picture books but there are a lot of books that are for adults as well,” said Moreno.

Moreno, who volunteered for the Child Development Center for the first time last year, said that the goal for the Child Development Center this week is to make $2000 in profit in order to get much more books.