Summer shuffle: finals, getaways and school

The spring semester’s doors close, and summer quickly approaches.

Are the legends true? Could it really be May?

Boy, oh, boy where has the time gone? The birds are chirping, the weather is undergoing some weird mood swing; unable to make up its mind on whether or not it’s summer or winter and it’s vacation time, baby!

Oh, wait. You mean to tell me we still have one more week of — do I dare say it? — finals?

We all cringe at the thought of it. It’s become so overwhelming, finals and Voldemort are practically synonymous.

Not to fret, because for this final edition of Talon Marks there is a little summer package that is in place for your viewing pleasure. Because when you’re cramming and crying over finals, you’re going to make time to read a newspaper.

Yes, it’s that time of the semester. However, it’s not bleak. Because with this package comes an exploration as to how you can conquer that anxiety that comes with your final, the preferred summer getaways from both you, the students, and us and what summer school has in store.

That sure is a lot to deal with for a supposed vacation time, isn’t it?

Look, just take some deep breaths. You’ll nail it. It’s not like this final is about 25% of your grade, about two hours, covers an entire semester’s worth of material and practically makes everything you did prior to it irrelevant. Right?

Just think about after. Vacation time. You’re at the beach. You see that sexy guy or gal tanning. Ah, it’s paradise. But maybe the beach isn’t your taste? Which is why we have differing opinions. Go check out page six, you fool.

But, hey, perhaps you’re just flat-out crazy — er, responsible — and wanted to take even more classes right when the semester ended. Good for you. See that QR code on the bottom of this page? Scan that sucker.

As hectic as it gets at this time of the semester, it is indeed bittersweet. Sure, classes are ending and that’s absolutely amazing. But what about the people that you’ve made connections with? The relationships?

Cherish this last week. Give your acquaintance a pat on the back. Tell your teacher “Hey, thanks for the hard work, sir.” Because before you know it, we’re back in this cycle again. And it’ll be the end of fall, spring, whatever; and you’ll be suffering a severe case of deja-vu, because you’ll be wondering why you’re reading something like this again.