The anxiety begins to build-up: Finals Week

All semester college students try to keep up with class work while balancing other priorities in their lives.

Finals week is the true test of the skills and knowledge students have mastered throughout the semester.

“Between work and 16 units, it’s pretty stressful, ” said Eric Delatore.

It is not uncommon for students to find themselves struggling to cope with the stress the final weeks of school can cause.

Robert Lonvelin said, “There’s a lot of stress, especially when you’re taking like four classes and it all comes in at once. It really gets stressful.”

Even experienced college students can find that the stress of finals week can differ from semester to semester.

“I (usually) feel stressed but this semester I feel really calm. On a scale of one to 10, I feel five (or) six,” said, occupational therapy major, Destinee Bernal.

There are many ways that students can relieve some of their pent up frustration.

One of the most popular ways is by staying active such as working out or just going for a walk.

“I work out. Running helps a lot. Just going out,” said Bernal Try.

Delatore said the most important thing for them to remember is that college has new demands and expectations.

“Focus. It’s not like high school. I mean you can choose what you want to do, but it’s college now. It’s time to focus.”

Along with focus, new students should plan out their schedules and not expect too much of themselves.

“Make sure they really know how to plan out their schedule of what their going to do and how they’re going to do it,” said Lonvelin.