Peer mentorship possibly coming to Cerritos

Rob Flores

Peer Counseling may become a reality at Cerritos College Associated Students of Cerritos College Vice President Ivan Oyarzabal and President Eduardo De La Rosa are working on making this program a reality.

Associated Senate of Cerritos College Vice President Ivan Oyarzabal will be applying for equity funding for this program.

ASCC President Eduardo De La Rosa said, “We have more planning to do because we want to know how this program could impact departments.”

He added that the peer mentors would receive training through Health Services to be prepared to give advice for various situations.

Soon De La Rosa hopes to form a committee to gather feedback from students.

Nursing major Samantha Sanford said, “I would much rather talk to a peer because I am not very social and I would feel more comfortable.”

Computer science major Miguel Navarrete said, “I would tell my friends to see a peer counselor because the counselor more than likely would have experienced things we have.”
According to Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr.JoAnna Schilling, “The Falcon Mentorship program is to provide peer mentors for Cerritos students by major and to provide resources to help them succeed at Cerritos.”

De La Rosa explained that he met with his major-specific counselor in order to help students in his major succeed in transferring.

Updates can be found in the Student Activities Office located near the Bookstore.