Sue Parsons retires after 19 years of service

Alvaro Bayona

There was a retirement party inside the stage room in the Student Center for a staff member of Cerritos College. Sue Parsons, the director of Educational Partnership/Programs was honored on Sept. 22

She has been working for the college for at least 19 years and now has decided to say her farewell, but not before having her final party.

Parsons said, “First off, I love everybody here. It’s been a great honor to work for the school. This is a very important part of my life. I’ve been working at [the] school for at least 19 years, and it’s been a blast.

“I remember when I started as a Math professor, and I’ve gained this new role of director of Educational Partnership. Even though I’ll be gone, I’ll miss everything here.”

She continued, “The people, [the] students, the staff; I’ll miss it all. Working at Cerritos College was [a] tremendous gift. I’ll never forget the times I’ve spent here.”

A colleague of hers Jeri Codi said, “It’s a heartfelt loss. I’ll miss her very much because she was an amazing person to work with. We worked very closely and had a great bond. She’s an incredible individual, and highly intelligent. I still can’t believe she’s really going.”

Another colleague Monica Castro said, “I’m having mixed emotions right now. Well, maybe sadness since she’s leaving. I’ll miss her a lot. She was a tremendous manager, and she was here for a reason. That reason was to help out the school in her own way and that’s something I’ll remember her by.”

One of her former students was in attendance and spoke of Parson’s passion.

Jackie Cardana said, “She was an amazing teacher. A passion as strong as ever. I wish for the best in her life.”