Half of parking lot 7 closed for sewage and asphalt repairs


Jenny Gonzalez

More than 100 parking spaces will be expected to be closed off throughout September in Lot 7.

Specifically, 116 spots will be closed off closest to Studebaker Road, affecting students that normally park there.

Director of Physical Plant & Construction Services David C. Moore said in an email, “Beginning Friday, September 1, 2017, parking lot 7 will be partially closed to traffic and parking to allow the extension of a new storm sewer line and for repairing of the asphalt.”

Nursing major Hannah Park said she noticed the affected parking lots were fenced off Friday morning.

“It is already crowded as it is before it was fenced off. I know we have a lot of parking lots around the area, but in this parking lot a lot of students use it for the Science building, [PST] building and I think Liberal Arts building,” she said.

Moore said this was a necessary improvement for the parking lot, and understands that it could have been done in the summer; though, due to the delayed billing process — it was pushed forward a couple of weeks.

Jonart Kanchao, woodwork technology major, upset that the parking lot is limited to the first three rows of parking spaces, said, “I think it is messed up because there is very little parking already so this is just like slicing it straight in half which is ridiculous because we paying, and we are also expecting to show up on time to class.”

Park said if the lot would have been fixed over the winter, she wouldn’t have minded the walk too much, but because of the excessive heat this summer, it will become a problem.

She said, “Even though we are not running late […] to class, we are already exhausted — that is how you start off the day and I don’t think it is such a good idea to fence it off.”

Undecided major Angie Kwon said she did not have a problem finding parking, but was surprised to see half of the lot blocked off.

Park said a solution to the problem would be to try and work later in the afternoon when it is less crowded because it is “way too packed to fence off that much [of the lot].”

Medical Assistant major Reneicesa Drake, said “I think its causing a problem with the parking because I was parked on the side for a minute until someone moved.”

Moore finished, “We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work to improve the campus parking lots.”