You cannot toke here, you cannot toke there, you cannot toke anywhere on campus

Bianca Martinez

In light of the passage of proposition 64, students inclined to using marijuana are not allowed to possess, smoke or be under the influence of the drug while on the Cerritos College campus.

Students who are found to be in connection with any of the three actions will be in violation of the student code of conduct and will be administered a warning.

Dean of Student Services Elizabeth Miller said, “first time offense if a person is, you know, if they are caught with marijuana, they are cooperative, no other circumstances with their issue, it might just start with a warning like most violations might.”

Students will be given an opportunity to speak with Dean Miller in the case of their infraction, the warning will be displayed in the student’s discipline record.

Dean miller states, “I hope they’re not [violating the drug and alcohol policy] because it can lead to consequences and even if it only starts as a warning you don’t want to get any kind of disciplinary record because down the line you know someone wants to go into a federal job do really intense background checks and so it’s hard, we don’t want a small mistake or bad decision when someone is young and they’re looking for a job for it to affect them down the road so it’s just better not to have it here.”

Marijuana in any form, be it in traditional form, in an edible, or a vape pen, such types are not allowed on campus due to the college’s drug and alcohol free environment policy established by the board of trustees.

When considering bringing or smoking marijuana to campus, students should compare the substance to alcohol and its rules on campus.

Cerritos College Police Chief Gallivan states, “you don’t want to come to campus under the influence, you want to educate yourself on the laws, there’s going to be still new laws in the state of California as far as where can you buy it, how much can you buy, there’s a lot of things yet to be determined but the laws have been pretty much set, as long as the students educated themselves on the law and just keep in mind you have to be 21 to possess it and smoke it, and just don’t do it in a public place.”

Here is a brief overview of what prop 64 entails:

  • You must be 21 and older in order to purchase, possess, smoke and grow marijuana.
  • Marijuana is not allowed to be smoked in public spaces, especially near schools where children are present
  • Possession of marijuana is not allowed on campus, however, individuals are not allowed to possess nothing more than 28.5 grams, an ounce, of marijuana on their person
  • Do not drive while under the influence of marijuana, doing so will result in a DUI
  • A person who chooses to will be allowed to grow and cultivate up to six cannabis plants
  • Individuals who are found publicly under the influence of marijuana will be fined, minors caught smoking or in possession will have to complete community service hours and attend an educational course
  • A state license must be obtained if interested in growing and selling marijuana for profit

Chief Gallivan states, “Cerritos College is a place, an educational institution where we want students to learn and I don’t think it’s a place for any type of drugs or alcohol and it hasn’t been a major problem to date on campus.

“I’m very confident in our students here at Cerritos College that they’re all here for the same reason to get an education and I think as long as they stay focused on that, hopefully not to see any increase of any kind of narcotics, drugs, alcohol usage on campus.”