Cerritos celebrates Veterans Week


Derrick Coleman

Financial aid staff, the Commerce Music Club, and Cerritos College veterans participated in a few rounds of tug-of-war competitions, with financial aid staff ultimately taking first place. This was the second event of Veterans Week, taking place on Nov. 6.

Derrick Coleman, Staff Writer

Veterans Week at Cerritos College kicked off with an open house, where food and music were provided for staff and students to mingle and learn about services and participate in some friendly competition.

The Veterans Resource Center, established in 2010, is hosting the events taking place until Nov. 8.

Tug-of-war participants received clothing gear as prizes much to the excitement of Michael Gonzalez, a non-veteran who works for the Financial Aid office.

He expressed his appreciation for veterans on campus.

“They mean me everything to me, they give me freedom and everything we stand for as a nation,” Gonzalez said, “They are our frontlines to have free will here.”

V.R.C. counselor Felipe Salazar said the campus roughly serves about 545 student veterans and the center continues holding the events to support veterans.

He said the week-long event also helps bring more awareness and connections with “not only student veterans, but other students as well and knowing that we value our veterans here.”

“It is not just one ceremony, it’s the whole week,” Salazar emphasized.

2018 is the third year the Commerce Music Club provided their services, blasting a mix of mainstream music through both events.

Christian Valencia, vice president of the music club, said they were connected to the V.R.C. through Amna Jara, student activities coordinator.

Salazar said navy and marine corp recruiters also participated.

The financial aid staff, Commerce Music Club, and Cerritos College Veterans competed against each other in multiple rounds of tug-of-war, with the financial aid office ultimately taking first place.

John Jose, kinesiology major and veteran, competed against his sister for fun, winning until other veterans joined in and lead her to victory.

The mood was lighthearted as the audience laughed with each other at their antics and students passing by paused to witness the competitions.

To Robert Samms, director of veterans affairs, being a veteran is about service and sacrifice, to ensure that people get the same responsibilities and rights and protecting those rights.

The last event for Veterans Week, a ceremony honoring veterans on campus is on Nov. 8 at Falcon Square.

Campus will be closed on Nov. 12 due to Veterans Day.