New weight room for championship-caliber Cerritos College athletes


Derrick Coleman

Cerritos College running back Carl Odom gets a shoulder press lift in the new weight room facility.

Keanu Ruffo, Staff Writer

Bigger, better and newer are words associated with the new weight room facility at Cerritos College, which was opened to student athletes January 2019.

The new weight room is a transition from the old one, with new bench, squat racks, new rubber weights, mirrors all around the facility and plenty more quality lifting materials and machines.

The Cerritos College football team were eager for the reveal, as they were the first ones to embrace their so-called new home.

Dean Grosfeld, head coach for the Cerritos College Football Team, mentioned what it was like when the team took in the very first moments of the facility.

“They loved it,” he exclaimed, “They were amazed and happy with it.”

Players were happy with the new facility and were eager to get their first lift of the new year.

Frosh wide receiver, Bailey Torres, expressed his reaction when entering their new haven.

He said, “I was surprised at how nice it was and excited to have new and better equipment.”

Frosh defensive linemen, Ikenna Ahumibe, also was excited at newness of the equipment.

He shared his thoughts on how it was stepping into an actual, modernized weight room.

“It was [amazing] to me because everything was so brand new, especially the new equipment that we’ve never had in the old weight room,” he said.

At an advanced facility like this, Grosfeld has no doubt that this state of the art facility will make all of his players stronger, faster and improve their progression.

He said, “This new facility should motivate players to train at the highest level possible.”

Torres explained how their new “home” can motivate the team to get stronger and be better as a team.

“We are trying to get better by doing new exercises and lifts that we couldn’t do back in the old weight room,” he said.

Ahumibe stated that no goals have changed from transitioning over from the old to the new weight room.

“It has always been about getting bigger, faster and stronger.

“With this new facility, we can utilize the new equipment to get even better and work towards what we always strived for which is to win a State Championship,” he said.

That has been the main goal for the team and it all starts in the weight room and continues on the field.

Grosfeld has three simple expectations for his players this upcoming season when going in and out of the weight room.

“I want my players to train hard, be appreciative, and train like a champion,” he said enthusiastically.