State law redefines non-resident in colleges, results in Cerritos College fee increase

Carmelita Islas Mendez, News Editor

TM Tiara White

Fees for non-resident students are set to rise, following the approval from the Cerritos College Board of Trustees.

The non-residents fee formerly only applied to students who are citizens of other countries, but non-residents will now include students from other US states as the calendar item was approved of on Feb. 6.

The approved calendar item suggested that “The Board of Trustees approve the per unit non-resident tuition fee of $265, and the per unit non-resident student capital outlay fee of $20 for a total of $285 for the 2019-20 Fiscal Year and including the 2019 Summer Session.”

According to the Vice President of Business Services and Assistant Superintendent, Felipe Lopez, the college increased the fees to “remain competitive,” with other LA and Orange County colleges.

The definition of what a non-resident had changed due to a change in state law with the implementation of Assembly Bill 947. The bill states, “This bill would authorize a community college district to charge the additional fee to any nonresident student by deleting the condition that the nonresident be a citizen and resident of a foreign country.”

Lopez, in an email response, stated that “AB 947 requires a community college district to charge a nonresident tuition fee to nonresident students, with certain exceptions.

‘Existing law requires the fee to be set according to a formula, which Cerritos College complies. The nonresident tuition and capital outlay fee is an annual requirement.”

The exceptions would include AB 540, DACA and Dreamers, as well as students who are eligible to have the fee waived.