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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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American Red Cross comes to Cerritos for blood drive

Antonio Gonzalez Jr
Gerald Williams before taking his break after a slow at Cerritos college on April 11

The American Red Cross held a second day of the blood drive at Cerritos College on April 11 and gave out Snoopy T-shirts for people who donate blood.

Despite not getting the hoped-for amount of donations, the supervisor of the event maintained a positive attitude.

“Well like today we are going to probably get 20 a little over 20 [people], but we also do large drives,” Robin Valentine, a registered nurse at The American Red Cross said.

Team supervisor and registered nurse Robin Valentine before getting back to work at Cerritos College on April 11. (Antonio Gonzalez Jr)

“I was at a drive on Friday that we did 53 [people] and we go to high schools where we do 2-300,” she adds, “[It] just all depends on where we are on the day.”

“I worked at the hospital for over 30 years so I know there’s a big need for blood,” Valentine said as she gave insight on the event, “It can only be given so it can’t be manufactured or man-made.”

A community member from Cerritos was waiting next to donate blood and was asked if there was any reason on why she was donating blood.

“Donating blood is definitely important but I’m not going to lie, this snoopy shirt is definitely a perk … I haven’t donated blood in a really long time so it’s just important to help other people.”

Yasmin Cortez was then asked a follow-up question if the shirt had not been available, if she still would’ve donated blood?

Cortez responded excited,

“Probably not this specific time … and just to know that also the foundation is donating to a bunch of people too I think is a really great cause.”

Community member Yasmin Cortez getting ready to get her blood drawn at Cerritos College on April 11. (Antonio Gonzalez Jr)

Maria Carmona, a phlebotomist for 15 years who was helping a donor, explained why her life story correlates to her being at the event.

María Carmen holding the snoopy shirt that comes with the donation of blood at Cerritos College on April 11. (Antonio Gonzalez Jr)

“Specifically, first off I got into this field because I wanted to help. I feel like my mission in life is to help people,” Carmona said.

“I’m an only child so I’ve always been helping anybody like my family and doing the best I can do … I feel like that’s my path.”

Carmona also gave advice to those who are afraid of needles, why is it important to get rid of your fears

“To overpass the pain and to think about the positive,” she said as she gave advice to people who are afraid of needles.

“Pain can go away in a blink of an eye but just knowing someone is going to live another morning another day … there’s no pain that can say oh my God this is huge to know somebody is going to live.”

Gerald Williams, a mobile tech, gave his advice, “I would encourage people to think one day somebody in your family might need blood or you one day. So you can’t let the fear of needles stop you from saving lives.”

As both employees were encouraging others, another blood donor was waiting in the lobby nervously.

High school student Jason from Warren High was as nervous as a person in their first job interview.

Jason says they only came because of the snoopy shirt but would’ve donated blood sometime this season.

The American Red Cross will soon return to Cerritos College and the school will make an announcement so look at the Cerritos College calendar for more events.

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American Red Cross comes to Cerritos for blood drive