New ASCC members need to step it up a notch

All too soon a new student will hold the positions of ASCC student body president and student trustee. Along with new leadership come new struggles and opportunities for Cerritos College.

But what will these new officials need to concentrate on during their reign?

First and foremost, transparency in budgeting needs to be addressed. The students have the right to know from the beginning what is being used where, what is being cut and who is getting what money.

The outgoing members haven’t done a lot when it comes to the campus. And planning an agenda for what will be getting done needs to be accomplished.

Along with budgeting and agendas, follow through with plans and goals are other places that have plenty of room for improvement.

An example of this is the textbook rental program that was started. What happened to it? No one knows. And the recycling program that was brought to attention a few years ago vanished with no sign of returning.

It is important for the elected officials of Cerritos College to be open about everything that is happening with the school.

They were elected for a reason, to be the voice of the students and represent us. How is the student body properly represented if things are kept from it?