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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Gas prices simply out of control

Woe is us. Family outings, nice dates, over due bills and other financial demands are going straight into our fuel tanks.

However, the inner-mollusk in us all continues to unfold the billfold and surrenders profits, ten fold, to the “un-royal” oil barons.

But it’s apparently all right with we the people to be stripped of our earnings with our overpriced, oil-based addiction.

As well as our inclination to be too busy to stick up for our wallets and effectively, our families and their quality of life.

So, the human race has decided to turn to automobiles to get around the cities of the world and these vehicles use fossil fuels.

Fuels that fuel economies, machines, greed and war.

Fuels that we as a people were sold on as the sole economically feasible energy source that can keep the world moving.

But the volatility of gasoline ends not with its chemistry.

We’ve seen the value of oil placed higher than that of human life through the act of war in oil-rich regions.

And as the corporate economic oil-beasts feast on our famine, they keep a watchful eye on us, on the wet well of the consumer.

Between choking down mouthfuls of our hard earned cash, these consumer consumers wonder when the American populace will reach its Egypt factor and finally say, ‘Enough Is Enough.’

They (the oil companies) know this time will come. Complacency has become way to expensive.

So when is enough truly enough? $5? $6? Or even $7 a gallon? $10 a gallon is too much!

How much of this thievery are we going to continue to put up with? When will we finally stand up for ourselves?

Gasoline should not be this expensive!

Human quality of life should not be subject to blatant garden-variety greed, or to our own pathetic apathy. 

And to rely on these fossil fuel companies to spearhead development of ‘alternative’ fuels is a joke, a bad joke.

It’s like the beef industry “working hard” to bring you a better tofu burger. It just isn’t in their interest.

The supposed millions of dollars these companies are spending on the alternative fuel effort is either not enough or the plan to develop an alternative energy that would replace fossil fuels is disingenuous.

If our survival on this planet depended on the human race developing past the use of fossil and nuclear fuels, one would imagine many answering this call. It does.

Change begins with a resolute decision by the people. Then it goes to making honest folks out of the politicians we elected into power and their promises to represent the people.

And a loud voice, a voice that does not end until change has come.

The oil companies will drop fuel prices immediately if and only if our voices of vexation are accompanied by our actions.

Good old fashion protest. It works every time.

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Gas prices simply out of control