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New immigration rule is just what we need


The new immigration rule in Utah allowing immigrants to work in the state is the direction the United States needs to move toward.

It will help improve the state with the fact of how these very same people came to Utah with the determination to find financial support for them and their families.

It is biased for United States Representative Lamar Smith to ask the Department of Justice to sue Utah for what he claims is “unconstitutional.”

What is unconstitutional is not giving rights to immigrants who have dedicated most of their lives to work in order to put a single meal on the table.

The tension that is coming forth with this issue is how the law would create an amnesty with illegal immigrants.  

The Utah state legislation bill HB 116 is a brave call to action in resolving the problem for undocumented workers, not a result of pardoning them for their illegal status.

Those who migrate to the United States are people who are coming for the fundamental human rights that the nation offers compared to their native lands. 

No benefits available to immigrants in their homelands lead them to desperate situations to deal with.

The situation that immigrants have to deal with is the increase of crime and corruption.

The rates of criminal activity give undocumented workers the unlikely chance of gaining opportunity to fulfill the prosperous act of a successful life of supporting their families.

The decision to migrate to the United States is to experience the open option of obtaining substantial employment that will sustain their lives in order to go back to help out their relatives from where they came from.

Immigrants migrate to the United States for the very fact that our rights as Americans gives us the chance to seek the possibility of justice to live a life of freedom and sophistication.

Smith’s criticism toward HB 116 is only attacking the will of letting immigrants have the chance to experience the freedom that they will never have in their homelands and his call is producing the intense atmosphere of opposing something positive for undocumented workers.

Utah’s bill will not only help immigrants to strive for the human rights that they deserve in the state but it will refine the financial status of the state itself by having immigrants pay taxes that will in the end benefit Utah.

Much of the agriculture employment in Utah is a popular field for immigrants, which citizens have failed to fill in.  

It is acts like these where immigrants’ status is just as important to citizens, but opposition from Republican lawmakers makes it difficult to pass a resolution to a crisis that has been waiting to be figured out.

The inoperative federal immigration system is in desperate need to be reformed.

Utah’s civil action to supporting the rights to migrant workers is a definitive way in approaching a difficult issue to garnishing the matter out of the air.

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New immigration rule is just what we need