Plastic bags are more helpful than hurtful


Pete Moye'

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Lucia Sarabia and Lucia Sarabia

Pete Moye’
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The removal of plastic bags in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County is a total disaster to our community.

Although grocery stores are offering a couple of free recyclable bags with a purchase, it’s not easy to remember to bring your bags with you every time you have to go out and shop.

What do you do when you have a lot of groceries?

You have to fit all your stuff in bags that feel like they’re going to rip.

Some will agree that it’s the new trend.

A trend that has become frustrating, what will you do if you have to carry your books in hand if you forget to bring your recyclable bag along with you?

If Cerritos College were to remove the use from plastic bags it would be a disaster to carry all those heavy books along with all the extra stuff we already carry.

We already spend more than enough money on textbooks, and if we forget to bring our recyclable bags we have to buy bags on top of our expensive books and materials.

Whenever you go out shopping you have to bring your bags with you, if you don’t bring them you have to buy more.

Pretty soon you realize that you’ve bought plenty of recyclable bags that you left at home and you are stuck at the register buying either more recyclable bags or paying for paper bags.

Plastic bags are very useful around the house; they could be re-used as trash bags for your bedroom or bathroom.

Without the plastic bags, you have to go out and buy plastic bags for the trash bins, so why not just recycle the ones given at the store?

It will save people time and money, especially for those who are always on the go.