Muslim insult?

Abraham Venegas and Abraham Venegas

What was the point of Nakoula Basseley the producer and director of the film, “Innocence of Muslims” in creating a film that insults Muslims? He should of picked up a Quran and get a better understanding of Islam.

A video called “Innocence of Muslims” was posted on the Internet in July. Since being posted, it has stirred a lot of controversy and has caused violent protest and attacks overseas at U.S. embassies.

The U.S. embassies were attacked and U.S. Ambassador John Christopher Stevens, as well as other individuals have been murdered.

The film mocks and ridicules the Prophet Muhammad, which shows the ignorance of Nakoula.

The film itself isn’t a intellectual debate about Islam, but a misleading film that depicts people who believe Islam as inhumane and savages.

The film itself is no excuse to go riot, cause havoc, and kill people who probably had nothing to do with the film. It only adds fuel to the extremist and terrorist stereotypes that exist throughout the western hemisphere and most of Europe.

The film itself is the trigger of all the turmoil that has been happening in the middle east.

American influences and efforts to spread democracy, in the middle east has worsen the situation, caused thousands of deaths, and have lost support of the people that now see the U.S. as a threat.

In America there is this fabricate fear of Muslims are going to attack and take over the world.

People need to realize the within any religion, there are extremists who interpret the religion to fit their violent views.

Just because there are extremists in a religion, doesn’t mean that every follower of a specific religion are extremists.

Throughout the centuries, humanity’s ignorance of other cultures, beliefs and values has resulted in making irrational decisions which have caused confusion, wars, and death.

Everyone has their beliefs and people should respect that. People should keep a open mind and share their beliefs and opinions with others so they get a better understanding of different viewpoints.

Everyone has the right to express their beliefs, but should know the difference between freedom of speech and insulting one’s beliefs, culture, and religion.