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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Music will benefit students when it comes to homework

Listening to music while doing homework is a great benefit for students.

Music sets a positive vibe for students to have a calm set of mind while doing homework because it makes them settle down and can concentrate later.

Having music played really loud causes more of a distraction than if the music was played low in the background.

Piano compositions by any classical composer that are slow and comforting are some of the best music that students can listen to while getting work done.

Listening to heavy music can be caused as a distraction and can even bring more tense to do homework. That’s when the music motive needs to change in the sense of wanting to go through doing homework smoothly.

What I mean by “heavy music,” it’s an expression of music that will get in the way of your concentration.

If a song is fast paced that goes along smoothly but isn’t heavy at all, it can be a cause of motivation to get homework done quicker.

Listening to the Mystic Tide’s “Psychedelic Journey” can get you pumped to the point when you say to yourself “I got to get this finished, I got to get this finished!” because the song is set as a motivation to get a move on.

People often listen to music to get pumped up while working out, because it brings out the motions in our bodies to have the motivation to bring out our limits.

Same thing goes for listening to music while doing homework; it’s a cause for us to have that self-motivation in saying “I need to have this done!”

Don’t get caught up too much with listening to songs that have lyrics, the singing can be a distraction.

Try finding instrumentals of a song that will motivate you to finish your homework on time.

Certainly listening to Led Zeppelin’s instrumental of “Kashmir” is a uplifting sensation that will have you want to dominate your homework and doing your best at it, making you want to bring out the best of you.

Put your headphones on, put on your favorite song and get your homework done! It’ll be that encouragement you might have needed all along.

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Music will benefit students when it comes to homework