Democracy for the best

Diego Arreola and Diego Arreola

Democracy is the best choice when it comes to political believes. Overall more countries are becoming democratic and those that aren’t hardly have any back up when it comes to allies.

While democratic countries like the United States are fighting to make the world a better place, there’s also communistic countries such as North Korea and Cuba that won’t stand for such beliefs.

Democracy has shown its well developed policies benefiting the United States when it comes to wars.

When North Korea wanted to nuke the United States, other countries such as China according to FOX News didn’t put up with such threats and controversy regarding a war.

On the contrary they stood by the United States side and told North Korea that this wouldn’t be allowed.

South Korea, a great ally of the United States is also a democratic country who has been in conflict with North Korea for years.

However, The United States support is also given when it comes to other democratic countries.

Making us a target against democracy would be a critical mistake for a communistic country such as North Korea.

Not only do we have the warfare to take them down but we also have support from other democratic countries who aren’t willing to start a war simply for political beliefs since a big part of the world now plays a role in the democratic scene. Eventually North Korea will become a democratic country as well.