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Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

No American military action in Syria

Without any clear objective for bombing Syrian weapon sites and weapons systems (used to deploy chemical weapons) given by Obama, why are we going to attack Syria?

Americans that listened to President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry’s speeches would answer this question by responding with something like, “Obama wants to bomb Syria because Assad used chemical weapons on his people. He wants to destroy Assad’s capabilities in order to prevent him from killing his people even more.”

The Obama administration’s motive for bombing Syria is one purportedly based on humanitarian reasons. However, that is not the real reason regardless of Obama and Kerry’s rhetoric about al-Assad’s atrocities being “an assault on our human dignity” and “unspeakable crimes,” respectively.

Fox News political commentator Ann Coulter spoke the truth when she said that Obama is contemplating military intervention in Syria so he “wouldn’t look like an idiot for something he said.”

Obama drew a red line on al-Assad’s regime when seeking reelection on Aug. 20, 2012 by saying that he would military intervene in Syria if Assad gassed his people to death.

He did that because the American public perceived Mitt Romney as the candidate that was tougher on international security issues. Romney also seemed to show more concern about America’s interests around the world in a more robust and pro-active way than President Obama.

To compete with Mitt Romney–who spoke about his belief in the necessity of arming Syria’s moderate rebels that want a secular, democratic Syria, Obama as president and commander in chief drew a red line on Assad’s regime in an attempt to one-up Romney and his rhetoric.

President Obama spoke without thought on whether or not he would actually have to militarily punish al-Assad and his forces if the Baathist dictator were to actually cross that red line and gas Syrian civilians.

The sad truth is that Kerry acknowledged on Aug. 30 that al-Assad had used chemical weapons on Syrian civilians more than once.

In fact, the Times of Israel reported on Dec. 7, 2012 that Captain Abdul Salam Abdul Razaq defected from Syria’s chemical warfare unit and informed the Arabic newspaper, A-Sharq Al-Awsat, that the Syrian army already was using sarin and mustard gas in combat.

“He (Razaq) also pleaded for international assistance in taking control of chemical weapon sites, which he claimed defectors have accurate intelligence about,” according to the Times of Israel.

This was after President Obama drew his red line! Now, after one year, the president decides that it is the time to take action in Syria. What a schmuck!

In deciding to bomb Syria, he has foolishly ruled out a military invasion and regime change. Basically, his intervention lacks a “strategic end,” to use the words of Major General Bob Scales.

Simply destroying al-Assad’s weapons caches will not end the suffering of the Syrian people and get him to stop murdering civilians; boots on the ground and the disposing of al-Assad will ultimately change the situation in Syria.

Al-Assad and now Iran have threatened to attack Israel if the U.S. were to intervene in Syria. With a shortageof gas masks in Israel, the Jewish state faces the risk of being gassed in its north which borders Syria and southern Lebanon—a stronghold of Hezbollah (a Shi’a terrorist group funded by Syria and Iran).

To make matters worse, Obama, as of Aug. 3, has decided to do the right thing and go to Congress and get its approval before conducting an attack on Syria. However, Congress reconvenes on Sept. 9.

Al-Assad and his army have at least nine days to kill civilians with conventional weapons. This window of time allows Syria’s army to move its chemical weapons and gives al-Assad time to hide.

Obama should call for Congress to reconvene immediately, especially when 140 members of the House wrote him a letter telling him that they are willing to reconvene at his request before their recess is over.

Even worse, the Pentagon cannot afford this operation. Obama cut the military by $542 billion and now the Pentagon is saying that it cannot afford to do a full operation unless Congress provides it with additional funds.

This is typical of Democratic presidents; they defund the military, expand the focus and distance of its mission and they ask it to do more with less money!

America should let Israel, Jordan and maybe Turkey and Saudi Arabia take care of what’s happening in Syria and just provide these countries with support.

However, Jordan is unwilling to do much about Syria and Turkey and Saudi Arabia support Jabhat al-Nusra (an al-Qaida affiliate), which is not “moderate” and fights against the real moderate rebels.

Israel will have to attack Syria. As the only Western-style democracy in the region, and having been threatened by al-Assad and Iran on different occasions during the Syrian crisis, the Jewish state should bomb and deploy its ground forces to southern Lebanon and Syria.

The Israel Defense Forces should take advantage of Obama’s blunders and launch a two-pronged attack on Hezbollah and al-Assad’s army before Yom Kippur, which is the Jewish Day of Atonement and holiest day on the Jewish calendar, on Sept. 13 and 14 .

Once those two agents of Iran are out of its way, it would be easier for Israel to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites and prevent the terror-sponsoring state and supporter of al-Assad from developing the first Islamist atomic bombs–which would be used to threaten the West.

While they are at it, the IDF should take out Jabhat al-Nusra which has threatened to annihilate Israel after taking over Syria.

An Israeli assault will end the Syrian crisis and can bring stability to the region.

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Trinity Bustria, Copy Editor
This is currently my second semester with Talon Marks, Cerritos College's premier student media brand, as its copy editor. Even though my job is one that is practically impossible to do since it is human to err (Ecclesiastes 7:20; Romans 3:23), by God and repetitious reading, I will catch all errors (spelling, grammatical, punctuational, mechanical, stylistic, and factual) or die trying. I am greatly interested in the political nature of news reporting and how current events are politicized to fit any given ideological narrative. As a paleolibertarian (think of Ron Paul)--that leans neoconservative on national security issues, Revisionist Zionist (think very pro-Israel), and Bible-believing Christian, I belong to a politically and theologically infinitesimal segment of the American public. Therefore, I have a particular worldview that is almost fitting for publications like: FrontPage Magazine, The Weekly Standard, The American Conservative, National Review, Human Events, The American Spectator, Commentary, The Jerusalem Post, The Jewish Press, Israel Today, The Washington Times, The Washington Free Beacon, and Townhall and aspire to write for publications like them as a political journalist or opinion writer. In my spare time, I enjoy practicing martial arts and researching trends in open source intelligence and counter-terrorism--apart from studying current events, theology and politics.
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No American military action in Syria