Embrace the technological advances

The use and constant creation of new technology is helping us and improving our way of life as humans. The evidence is all around you, even in your pocket right now.

Thanks to technology, we have risen to unimaginable heights in the past decade.

Technological advances have allowed us to create a world with hundreds of codes and encryptions that zoom from one place to another.

The world has gotten much smaller due to technology and everyone is connected in some shape or form.

It is possible to view a loved one thousands of miles away in the palm of your hand.

People around the world can now carry a little bit of home with them every time they step outside with their mobile, wifi-entwined, devices.

The anthropoids that came before us went from bare hands, to rocks, to spears and arrows and later went on to invent the wheel that, to this day, we still use and redesign every time we develop new technology.

Without technology, entire countries and ways of life will vanish into thin air.

Those that say how technology hurts us, rant and rage from a blog on an electronic computer themselves, then drive off in a machine created by technological ingenuity and preach how technology is decimating human ways.

In a modern world where stock markets are displayed on LED teleprompters, it is vital to be tech savvy.

From the multi-billion dollar companies down to the college students registering for classes to ensure themselves a future, technology is the norm.

We hang out in the same room as our friends, but post funny moments to and dramatize our timelines on Facebook and Twitter.

The modern-day teenager can’t go one second without ‘LOL’-ing their friend in the other class. College papers are submited through emails and educational databases.

There is no stopping the technological revolution, even if we as humans begin to stray from basic biological actions.

Whoever is not on the same page as the modern world might as well just log off Facebook and resort to smoke signals.