Take one and then go away


Every day, students deal with numerous distractions from every direction such as work, family or the media.

It can be hard to block out these distractions and find a way to focus on class and assignments or just relax.

The campus should be one of the few places where students can put their outside life on the back burner and concentrate on obtaining an education.

Unfortunately, the campus can be disturbed by the outside world.

It seems every other day we get reminded by a solicitor that someone wants something solicited to us, and they place themselves along Falcon Square.

They seem to be worse during the beginning of the semester when they have a crop of students to prey on.

It can be a nuisance trying to avoid someone trying to sell you a gym membership or hand you a flyer of a mutilated pig.

This can be especially annoying when you are trying to get to class or leave to get to work on time and someone will not take no for an answer.

On one hand, you can’t help but sympathize with some of the solicitors.

Some are just trying to do their job and have to make a certain quota or they truly believe in their cause and want to spread a message that they truly believe in.

However, even the most sympathetic person can reach a breaking point after feeling pestered every day.

It would help if the college tried to set stricter guidelines on how often solicitors can come to campus or even what kind are allowed.

Do we really need to have gyms and banks trying to sell accounts every other week?

Most college-aged students should know how to obtain these things by themselves.

Thankfully, the companies seem to be a minor nuisance compared to others who visit the campus at times.

When people come to yell at students and tell them that they are going to hell, they cause a more serious distraction.

Most religious visitors seem to be respectful of students and try to peacefully spread their message in an appropriate way.

The ones that harass students should only be given so many chances before being kicked off campus.

But if students complain that they are a bother, they should be talked to or banned from the campus.

If students see a company that is suspicious or feel that someone is going to extreme lengths to grab attention, they should let someone know.

Students have the power and responsibility to change the atmosphere of the campus if they speak out and let the college know that they are unhappy.