FSZ: Government Shutdown


Free Speech Zone: What are your thoughts about the government shutting down?


Tera Lim, Computer science

“I think the major issue with our budget problem deals with the military expenses and the standing army that we have. I just don’t necessarily support the government into major trillion dollars of debt to fight a war that maybe we shouldn’t be there (fighting).”


Steven Palacios, Psycology major

“It’s ridiculous because (lawmakers) wanted to delay something that can help people medically through Obamacare.”


Adrian Prito, Communications major

“It’s unfortunate that it is happening, but it’s kind of frustrating with the way the government works and deciding things comes to this kind of a halt.”


Geneva Ramirez, Teaching major

“I feel that it is unfair that the house and congress can’t get together and agree in the budget. I feel like the two perspective aren’t coming together and it’s not fair to the American people.”


Charles Caguioa, Computer science major

“I am actually pretty surprised that it had to come to that agreement where we have to shutdown the government.”


Dalton Foster, Media arts major

“This really sucks. It’s really unfortunate. I think that many things came to play to blame one group for the incident. I think it will take a little bit of time for things to come back to the way they were before.”


Juan Reynoso, Philosophy major

“I think the main cause of the government is excessive partisanship. The Republicans don’t want (the Affordable Care Act) to pass so they are using this stalling of the (budget) issues. It’s only a partial shutdown. I doubt they are going to let this ride out. We’re not going to devolve into anarchy or anything; it’s just a bunch of politicians arguing with each other.”


Darren Aramonette, Undecided major

“I kind of found it surpising that it shutdown. I am a little concerned, but only time can tell on what will happen.”